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Announcing New PDF Feature: Campaign Website Reviews

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, March 1 2006

Today, I'm pleased to unveil our new section of Campaign Website Reviews, which launches with a close look at Senator Hillary Clinton's campaign site by Michael Turk, former e-campaign director for Bush-Cheney 2004 and the RNC.

Given that it may seem unusual to have a top Republican writing reviews of a top Democrat's campaign site, I want to offer a few words of explanation.

First, Personal Democracy Forum is meant to be a non-partisan venue for sharing ideas and debating developments in the realm of tech-politics. It makes sense to involve people from all parts of the political spectrum in that conversation, as long as we all agree to NOT use this forum as one more place for partisanship. (God knows we have plenty of other places for that.)

At the same time, I'm not so naive as to believe that we can stop being political animals, which is why we make no claims of pure neutrality or objectivity here, and instead require our contributors to divulge their relevant political associations. I trust that PDF readers and participants are smart enough to decide for themselves how much to factor those associations into whether to listen to someone else.

That said, we do also want to bring together people with significant experience to help lead the conversation, which is why I'm very pleased that Mike is going to be writing campaign website reviews for us. The guy did help President Bush get re-elected, after all, with a very web-savvy campaign.

At the same time, while Mike may have the first word on his reviews, he won't have the last word. All of his reviews are open to your comments, as is everything else we publish. Also, I'm actively looking for a second reviewer from the liberal side of the spectrum to join in writing these reviews--if you're interested drop me a note at