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All Blogotics is Local?

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, January 5 2005

If 2004 was the Year of the Big Nationally-Influential Political Blogs, could 2005 be the year that blogs that focus on state and local politics come into their own? And I mean blogs written by passionate amateurs, not the "Politics1[stateabbreviation].com" sites that are useful aggregators of local political news, but not gathering places for conversation and debate influencing the local political and journalistic scene.

That's my hunch. Take Sound Politics, a Republican-leaning site in Washington State that is still banging hard on the disputed gubernatorial election there. Or Portland Communique, a Democratic-leaning site that closely tracks municipal politics.

Are you a state or local political blogger? Do you read any? If so, chime in and we'll build a directory...