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Aaron Swartz awarded in Technorati developers' contest

BY Christian Crumlish | Wednesday, January 19 2005

The widget on the PDF home page that shows which Senators and Congressfolks are being talked about the most in the blogosphere is driven by Technorati using an application developed for this site by Aaron Swartz. Micah Sifry, this site's editor, asked for help developing such a tool on the mailing list for deveIopers working with the API for Technorati (whose CEO, Dave Sifry, is Micah's brother - it's a small Sifrysphere, but I wouldn't want to paint it).

A week or so ago, Swartz was honored as a runner up in the Technorati Developers Contest: The URL speaks for itself. This website lets you stay on top of all things political. Specifically, it uses Technorati to show which politicians are rising and falling in the blogosphere-a phenomenon that has become increasingly relevant with politics and journalism.

Congratulations, Aaron!