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In Nigeria, Holding Gov't Accountable On the Radio

BY Jessica McKenzie | Tuesday, June 10 2014

Like this, but government officials are the ones in the hot seat (Flickr/Jena Fuller)

In Nigeria, a reality radio program provides a forum for tackling issues of public or private impunity. Hosted by Ordinary Ahmed Isah, the Brekete Family Radio program has a listener base of an estimated 20 million people. Their motto is to be “the voice of the voiceless.” Writing on the Open Society Foundations blog (Brekete Family Radio is an Open Society partner), Udo Jude Ilo calls it the “last resort of the common man.”

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South Africans Use Community Monitoring Tool to Promote Gov't Accountability

BY Jessica McKenzie | Thursday, August 15 2013

Screenshot of the Lungisa Facebook page

Citizens in South Africa have taken community monitoring into their own hands – and onto their social networks. Using a tool called Lungisa, they can report problems with water, sanitation, electricity, schooling and health care and the nonprofit that operates Lungisa, Cell-Life, reports the problem to the appropriate authorities. Even better? The issues are getting resolved.

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Can Social Tech Help Stop the New Haven Murders?

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, April 14 2010

A string of muders in the neighborhoods of Dixwell and Newhalville in New Haven have the city scared, and local social entreprenuers looking for ways to help. Ben Berkowitz helps run SeeClickFix. That's the social ... Read More