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The Trolls on Putin's Payroll

BY Jessica McKenzie | Tuesday, June 3 2014

Self-explanatory (Wikipedia)

“If it looks like Kremlin shit, smells like Kremlin shit, and tastes like Kremlin shit too — then it’s Kremlin shit,” says Moscow-based writer and columnist Leonid Bershidsky, about Internet trolls-for-hire who have been paid to post laudatory comments about Putin and Russia on English-language news articles. Buzzfeed's Max Seddon reports on the leaks that reveal Russia's offensive strategy to win friends and influence people abroad.

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Quote of the Day: The Law of Bad Comment Threads

BY Micah L. Sifry | Friday, May 11 2012

Remember: as the date for a national election approaches, the probability of a comments thread degenerating into a political back-and-forth regurgitating the same tired talking points approaches one.
— "PubliustheLesser," From a comment thread at The Atlantic. Read More

From Campaigning to Governance, Part 2: transparency

BY Editors | Friday, November 21 2008

By the end of today, the Bush administration will have published a flood of new regulations, pushing them into the 60-day pipeline that gets them enacted just before the Obama administration takes office. The blowback on ... Read More

Commenting on Tancredo's Blog

BY Alan Rosenblatt | Saturday, April 7 2007

At about 2:00 PM on April 6, 2007, I submitted a comment to a Tancredo blog post that was driving people to a Laura Ingraham poll (April 4, 2007). Here is my comment: “These polls have no scientific value. They are ... Read More