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We the Web of the United States

BY Mindy Finn | Friday, June 13 2008

On Wednesday (June 11), I joined a panel of eCampaign Directors for major presidential campaigns at a forum called, what else, the first 21st Century Campaign, sponsored by Google and National Journal. Peter Dauo for ... Read More

Daily Digest: The Clintonite Outburst Seen Round the World

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, June 2 2008

A two-minute video clip of a peeved Clinton supporter at this week's DNC rules meeting has been viewed on YouTube more than 700,000 times; the credentialing of state bloggers for the upcoming Democratic convention ... Read More

OMG! WARNING: Over the top, offensive humor!

BY Alan Rosenblatt | Sunday, May 11 2008

There seems to be no limit to the power of the people to use the internet to express themselves politically, artistically, ... you name it. Continuing in my emerging pattern of video show-n-tell, check out Hillary's ... Read More

Defending Clinton’s Virtual Town Hall

BY Ari Melber | Friday, February 8 2008

Hillary Clinton is under fire for planted questions again, but this time her critics are wrong. It's a web politics battle: Disintermediation v. Interactivity... Read More

Obama's Wired Tuesday Push

BY Ari Melber | Tuesday, February 5 2008

The Obama Campaign does not stress its historic Internet success. It does not even discuss the web as an obvious metaphor for Obama's candidacy: An open frontier where race and gender recede, new ideas vanquish the old, ... Read More

Hope Will Not Be Televised: Obama YouTube vs. Clinton Clash

BY Ari Melber | Wednesday, January 23 2008

They won't tell you on TV, but people are watching Obama's new speech. Disintermediation is alive on YouTube. Read More

Clinton 2 Target Txters

BY Justin Oberman | Monday, May 14 2007

The New York Post is reporting that Hillary Clinton will anounce today a “mobile-to-mobile text-messaging push” to garner support for her presidential campaign. Read More

Think Differently

BY Jack McEnany | Wednesday, March 21 2007

ParkRidge47 melds the medium and the message: Think for yourself. But rejecting the credit for something popular will always makes the MSM suspicious – anyone who refuses a byline must be hiding something. Read More

Aren't Elections About The Voters?

BY Michael Turk | Thursday, March 15 2007

Voters play a fairly significant role in elections. It seems like a relatively obvious point, but it seems to have been lost by all but one of the top tier Presidential candidates. The goal of any campaign is to reach, ... Read More

The Daily Digest: 2/7/07

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, February 7 2007

David All live-blogged a therapy session conference call between conservative bloggers and John McCain's campaign. "We’re looking to build relationships with all of you..." says McCain's senior advisor Terry Nelson. ... Read More