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From SeeClickFix to Citizinvestor, Five Years of Internet-Enabled Urbanism

BY Cody Lyon | Wednesday, October 17 2012

Can technology help citizens make their cities better? Photo: Myrtle Avenue Partnership

Exclusively for Personal Democracy Plus subscribers: In 2007, SeeClickFix drew wide attention for the way it put all a city's civic problems — graffiti, potholes and the like — out in the open for anyone to see. It wasn't the first or only tool to do something like this, but it made people notice what would become the emerging field of civic software. In the five years since, that field has grown and changed. SeeClickFix is still alive and kicking, but now it's joined by a host of companies, platforms and experiments that don't just map problems — they now map solutions. Read More

City-Go-Round Launches: Public Transit Apps and the Fight for More Open Civic Data

BY Micah L. Sifry | Thursday, December 10 2009

Looking for a good transit app? There's a site for that. Read More

SeeClickFix Now Covering 25,000 Towns, 8,000 Neighborhoods

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, October 14 2009

The civic software movement took another leap forward this past week with the announcement by SeeClickFix that the site now covers more than 25,000 towns and cities across the U.S., along with 8,000 discrete ... Read More