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A Policy Debate Grows on Twitter

BY Nick Judd | Wednesday, May 11 2011

New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson argued publicly over education funding for the city in sharp-tongued, 140-character chunks today. That's right — the pair went ... Read More

'Hacking Tyler' to Chronicle Digitization of a Small Texas Town

BY Nick Judd | Monday, May 9 2011

A news app developer at the Chicago Tribune promises to chronicle his efforts to improve a small Texas town's community, through technology, in a new blog announced in The Atlantic: Tyler has information that could be ... Read More


Bright Lights, Small City: Is Tiny Roosevelt Island a Microcosm of Urban Innovation's Future?

BY Nick Judd | Monday, May 9 2011

The Roosevelt Island tram, one of the only urban tram systems in the country. Photo: Shinya Suzuki / flickr Jonathan Kalkin gets excited when he talks about his latest scheme, a plan to build one of the world's first ... Read More

In Philly, Making it Harder for Landlords to Hide

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, May 5 2011

Technically Philly describes a hackathon project to find all properties owned by a given landlord by cross-referencing scraped data and city databases: So, say, a small-time property developer wanted neighborhood ... Read More

In Boston, City Hall Pursues Innovation In-House

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, April 21 2011

Nigel Jacob, co-chair of the Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics. Photo: Nick Judd / techPresident

Cities across the country seek to lay the groundwork for innovative third parties to build on, based on the premise that city government is too inflexible or narrow-minded to be the best host for ground-breaking work. ... Read More

Austin City Limits: What's Holding Back Government Innovation in Austin, Texas?

BY Nick Judd | Friday, March 4 2011

Why can't the City of Austin's government operate like a real 21st-century municipality? Photo: Doc Searls / Flickr Four years after starting a website redesign process, and the home of the SXSW media, technology and ... Read More

In New York, a 26-Hour Civic Hacking Spree

BY Nick Judd | Monday, November 8 2010

Hacks and journalists dig in for a long weekend of coding at the Eyebeam Art + Technology Center in Manhattan. Photo: Eyebeam / Flickr This past weekend, in a massive converted warehouse in Manhattan's gallery district, ... Read More