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Aneesh Chopra to Step Down as White House CTO, FedScoop Reports

BY Nick Judd | Friday, January 27 2012

Over at FedScoop, Luke Fretwell reports that Aneesh Chopra will step down from his position as White House Chief Technology Officer. Read More

Obama's CTO: Never Mind Who; What Should S/he Do?

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, November 12 2008

While much of the tech industry and blogosphere is pondering who President-elect Barack Obama might appoint as the nation's first Chief Technology Officer--Eric Schmidt? Jeff Bezos? Larry Lessig?--a bunch of ... Read More

Daily Digest: When it Comes to Election Prediction, Are the Kids All Right?

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, October 21 2008

The Web on the Candidates The Children are Our Future. And Election Oracles: If you were born before, oh, 1975, you might not be familiar with Channel One. Born after, and you probably know it's an in-class news and ... Read More