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Strike! Lessig, Trippi's Line in the Sand Draws $1 Million from (un)Donors

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, March 11 2009

Larry Lessig and Joe Trippi take to Politico to announce that their "Donor Strike" has passed the one-million-dollar mark. Read More

Daily Digest: Amplified, Asked, and Answered

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, January 12 2009

Washington's (New) Media Ecosystem: Bob Fertik, a longtime liberal activist, drew more than 23,000 votes on for his question on investigating the Bush Administration. And yet, the response from the Obama ... Read More

Daily Digest: On Blogosphere Imaging, SEC's XBRL, and "White-Collar Populism"

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, December 23 2008

Imaging the Blogosphere: Ars Technica's Julian Sanchez has a fascinating report on models of the blogosphere's many-tendriled thought sharing that go far beyond information-thin "A is connected to B is connected ... Read More

Lessig Launches

BY Micah L. Sifry | Thursday, March 20 2008

I'm at the National Press Club for the launch of Stanford Prof. Larry Lessig's new project, He's here as part of Sunshine Week, and his speech is co-sponsored by the Sunlight Foundation (which I ... Read More

Daily Digest: Waiting to Change Congress

BY Joshua Levy | Thursday, March 20 2008

A video tries to tie Barack Obama more closely to Jeremiah Wright and radical black politics; Fox News still needs to be schooled about who gets credit for writing community blogs; a new site is like Digg for the media ... Read More