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Macedonia Draft Law to Regulate and Restrict the "Last Arena for Freedom of Speech"

BY Jessica McKenzie | Wednesday, June 12 2013

Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, (Wikipedia)

The draft of a media regulation law in Macedonia has journalists and press freedom watchdogs up in arms. The proposed Law on Media and Audiovisual Media Services was written by the government behind closed doors and without input from the media or NGOs. It has been interpreted as a decisive move on the part of the government to limit speech online in a country where press freedoms are already limited. Until now, Internet-based news sites were not regulated like print media.

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Jordanian Government Commences Blocking Websites

BY Jessica McKenzie | Tuesday, June 4 2013

Four of the sites blocked by the Jordan government

What do Time Out magazine, Al Jazeera, Penthouse and the Muslim Brotherhood all have in common? Their websites were all blocked this weekend by the Jordan government for failing to register for a license.

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Russia Using DPI Technology to Implement New Internet Censorship Law

BY Lisa Goldman | Monday, November 5 2012

With Russia's new Internet censorship law going into effect as of the end of October, it emerges that the government plans to enforce it by using some very invasive technology to monitor citizens' online activity. Read More