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First POST: Brewing

BY Micah L. Sifry | Monday, December 22 2014

How Democratic tech firms are jockeying for 2016 presidential roles; the FEC inches back into regulating the Internet; why Tumblr is a social justice movement hotbed; and much, much more. Read More

First POST: Dirty Socks

BY Micah L. Sifry | Tuesday, January 14 2014

The one thing you should read about Emma and Bill Keller's "cancer-shaming" columns; the privacy issues embedded in the "internet of things"; Josh Cohen's Open Supporter Data Initiative; and much, much more. Read More

Surveillance Scandal Casts a Shadow Over Data-Driven Dems at Netroots Nation

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Monday, June 24 2013

Image: g4ll4is/Flickr

The subject of personal privacy in the digital age loomed large in the minds of many attendees of this year's Netroots Nation in San Jose as the national debate continued over the ethics of the Obama Administration's national security surveillance techniques. So perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise that the political operatives who capitalized on the American electorate's personal data to achieve victory in 2012 felt a bit defensive last week as they celebrated their cutting-edge strategies to beat back state-level conservative initiatives, and to elect Democratic candidates. Read More

The Political Right is Looking to Reclaim Data Superiority

BY Nick Judd | Wednesday, November 9 2011

On Monday, the Guardian's Ed Pilkington hinted at the creation of a new database — either a "voter file" or "a database connecting millions of Americans" — to support the political causes and campaigns backed ... Read More

The Fine Art of Data Husbandry: A Look at What Catalist is Teaching Democrats

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, October 6 2009

The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder is digging into an "after action" report from Catalist, the progressive data firm. Read More

Catalist-DemocracyInAction's Deal and the Progressive World

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, October 16 2008

DemocracyInAction and Catalist have just made a remarkable new deal. Let me back up. DIA is one of the core components of the progressive political infrastructure, providing online advocacy tools to a wide range of ... Read More

May the Best Database Win? A Look at the Voter Files Powering the '08 Race

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, September 19 2008

The Atlantic's Mark Ambinder has a post up on voter files that's got us here at techPres and PdF thinking. Mark's post reports on how Rock the Vote, the 501c3 voter registration group, is making creative use of data from ... Read More

Voter File 2.0: Catalist, Democratic Tool

BY Micah L. Sifry | Friday, May 9 2008

I'm in a breakout session at the New Democratic Network's daylong conference on "New Tools, New Audiences," listening to Vijay Ravindran, the CTO of Catalist, talk about web 2.0 and its development of an "Enhanced Voter ... Read More