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In China, Local Governments Play Whac-a-Mole With Taxi Apps

BY Rebecca Chao | Friday, August 29 2014

Beijing yellow cabs from the 1980s (credit: This is Beijing!)

It seems these days that car-hailing apps exist only to give cities grief. In New York, car sharing start-ups like Lyft ignore labor, safety insurance laws and in China, the situation is no different except in one regard: taxi hailing apps in China are proliferating at a faster rate than in the U.S. In China, however, the taxi system is very much in its infancy and local Chinese governments are struggling to control the proliferation of new apps that flout the law. Read More


Weekly Readings: Data Speaks Louder than Words

BY Antonella Napolitano and Rebecca Chao | Monday, April 21 2014

A roundup of interesting reads and stories from around the web. Read More

Disruption or Disobedience? Airport Car Sharing Service Hit With Permit Suit

BY Sam Roudman | Wednesday, June 12 2013

SFO. Photo: Franco Folini

Sometimes sharing is caring, other times it’s grounds for a lawsuit. Peer-to-peer car sharing company FlightCar is the target of a lawsuit filed last week by the City of San Francisco filed a alleging the service engages in “unfair and unlawful operation of a rental car company and parking lot” targeted to patrons of San Francisco International Airport. Read More