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Canada Post Contests Open Data in the Courts

BY Jessica McKenzie | Monday, April 29 2013

Canada Post truck (Wikipedia)

Last year Canada Post filed a lawsuit against a website specializing in geocoding in the US and Canada for offering a free online database of copyrighted Canadian postal codes. They recently updated their claims to include allegations that Geolytica, the company that owns, has infringed on their trademark on the phrases “postal code” and “code postale.”

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Quebec's Language Laws Lead to "Pastagate"

BY Elisabeth Fraser | Friday, March 15 2013

Internet meme for "Pastagate"

The long-running language debate in a province where English-speakers are outnumbered by French-speakers, has recently reached new heights of absurdity against the backdrop of a proposed language law tabled by the province's separatist minority government. Read More


Open Data Day: Lessons for Hacktivists

BY David Eaves | Thursday, March 14 2013

International Open Data Day 2013 in Ghana (credit: Mobile Web Ghana/Flickr)

Now in its third year, Open Data Day events is far bigger than we ever dared imagine. More interesting still is its impact, both expected and unexpected. Read More


Canadian Site Maps Climate Change...With Skating Rinks

BY Julia Wetherell | Wednesday, January 30 2013

RinkWatch's interactive map, showing unskateable backyard rinks.

Climate change has been measured in rivers and oceans, mapping the rise of the world’s temperature and the impact it holds for wildlife. Now a Canadian website is tracking global warming in the human ecosystem, with an unusual approach: recording the rates at which backyard skating rinks are freezing — or failing to freeze — this winter. Read More


Idle No More, a Canadian Social Justice Movement, Goes Viral On and Offline

BY Elisabeth Fraser | Friday, January 25 2013

Idle No More demonstration in Washington, D.C. (credit: Jonathon Reed/Flickr )

A new social justice movement has sprung up in Canada and is spreading throughout North America. Some call Idle No More, which started with aboriginals protesting government budget cuts to environmental issues, the new Occupy. With high visibility on social media and a viral hashtag, Idle No More has achieved wide public awareness. But critics fear the movement has undermined its potential by straying too far from its original mandate. Read More


In Canada, Online Campaign to Protest Gov't's Digital 'Snooping Bill' Turns Nasty

BY Elisabeth Fraser | Wednesday, December 5 2012

MP Charmaine Borg outside of Canada's parliament (credit: Max Walker)

In Canada the issue of online privacy has become contentious, with experts, law enforcement officials, and legislators sharply divided. Bill C-30, formally called the Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act, was tabled in the House of Commons in February. The bill proposes expanding police powers so that telecoms and Internet Service Providers would be required to turn over subscriber data without a warrant. The opposition responded with a furious online campaign that took a bizarre turn into the realm of personal attacks. Read More


Montreal Hackathon Aims to Combat Government Corruption

BY Elisabeth Fraser | Monday, November 12 2012

Hackons la Corruption (credit: QuebecOuvert)

Canada's first anti-corruption hackathon was held this past weekend in Montreal, which has been rocked by nearly two years of corruption scandals involving construction kickbacks, organized crime and prominent politicians. Read More


Internet Users Learn to Protect their Online Privacy at Crypto Parties

BY Lisa Goldman | Tuesday, October 9 2012

CryptoParty symbol taken from Wikipage.

Even ostensibly transparent, liberal democracies are increasingly considering legislation that would limit online freedom and privacy. To combat these measures, CryptoParties bring together ordinary Internet users at events held at cities around the world where they learn how to protect their right to online privacy. Read More

Canada To Reform Law Banning Election-Day Tweets

BY Miranda Neubauer | Friday, January 13 2012

A Canadian minister tweeted today that the Canadian government will be introducing legislation to lift a ban that penalized Canadians who reported on election results before all the polls had closed in the west of the country, the Globe and Mail reported. Read More

DataBC now Live

BY Andrew Seo | Tuesday, July 19 2011

The province of British Columbia launched an open data portal today called DataBC that allows users to access information about schools, geology faults, and much more. British Columbia became the first provincial ... Read More