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First POST: Too Much Information

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, March 25 2015

Will Facebook become the Walmart of News?; Hillary Clinton's digital team; how easy it is to get your hands on 4.6 million license plate scans; and much, much more. Read More


Cameroon's Award-Winning ICT Blogger Explains Why Digital Media Still Lags

BY Jessica McKenzie | Monday, October 7 2013

Around the world, bloggers have often stepped up to fill the void that traditional media either will not fill or cannot fill. Many of them, like Cameroonian blogger and multimedia journalist Dorothée Danedjo Fouba, take their responsibilities as bloggers as seriously as any journalist. In an interview with fellow Cameroonian blogger Dibussi Tande, published by Global Voices Online, Fouba said, a “good blogger must already have the intrinsic qualities of all good journalists.”

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In Cameroon, a Crowdsourced Site for Local Listings

BY Julia Wetherell | Tuesday, April 2 2013 (Screenshot).

As tech innovation continues to heat up in Africa from Ethiopia to Zambia, homegrown social enterprise has African developers and entrepreneurs delivering solutions to their communities. In the case of a crowdsourced online listing service form Cameroon, innovation is being driven by collaboration with everyday citizens.

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