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California Law Bans Jurors' Courtroom Tweets

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, August 9 2011

In California, a new law explicitly bans use of social media while on jury duty: Courts will soon be required to explicitly warn jurors not to share case details or research potential case information via texts, blogs, ... Read More

California Regulators Pondering Political Contributions Via SMS

BY Nick Judd | Monday, August 1 2011

Photo: Dru Bloomfield / Flickr California's Fair Political Practices Commission is now considering regulations that would pave the way for state-level political committees to collect donations through text message, the ... Read More

So Much for Collaboration ...

BY Nick Judd | Wednesday, May 25 2011

What crime data are open and which aren't? In Torrance, Ca., an online crime map omits rapes, shoplifting, or officer-involved shootings, the LA Times reports: Launched last year, the city's map promised to use ... Read More

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom Signs Deal for "Social Media Revolution" Book

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, April 22 2011

Then San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom at Twitter headquarters, June 23, 2010; photo credit: Twitter In office as lieutenant governor of California all of three and half months, Gavin Newsom has signed a deal to write a ... Read More

One California Town May Post DUI Arrests to Facebook

BY Nick Judd | Friday, November 19 2010

Officials in one California city, faced with reporters and editors who have refused to run a list of people accused of driving drunk, have decided to publish the list themselves — on Facebook. Faced with a local ... Read More

Chris Kelly Wants to Be Your AG. He Just Might Not Want to Be Your Friend.

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, June 1 2010

The Democratic primary battle between Chris Kelly and Kamala Harris for the California attorney general nomination is fascinating in that the outcome stands to be influenced by whatever Mark Zuckerberg decides to do that ... Read More

What Your Phone Says About Your Politics

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, February 9 2010

The San Francisco company Tulchin Research is out with some fun polling of California voters that fleshes out the intersection of tech and politics. Among the findings: Read More

The Demon Sheep

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, February 4 2010

Is now, quite naturally, on Twitter. ("People think I was born in Hell. I was actually born in California. The confusion is understandable.") Follow him or her, snatch up one of these good-looking t-shirts, and ... Read More

The Prop 8 Trial Will Not Be Televised

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, January 13 2010

Or live streamed. Or posted to YouTube, it seems. The Supreme Court has ruled to keep the cameras turned off during the Perry vs. Schwarzenegger trial that began Monday the federal courthouse in San Francisco. Read More

Judge in Prop 8 Case Opts to Open Court via YouTube

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, January 7 2010

Maybe this is what justice would have looked like had King Solomon had YouTube at his disposal. We noted yesterday that opponents and proponents of same-sex marriage in California were battling over whether or not ... Read More