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First POST: Counting

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, October 9 2013

Exclusively for Personal Democracy Plus subscribers:The latest details on the health care exchange signups (and problems); a new tech advocacy group launches; Nick Bilton's forthcoming book on Twitter gives the unvarnished version of its founding; and much, much more. Read More

San Jose State Gives Pilot With MOOC Provider a Failing Grade

BY Sam Roudman | Monday, July 22 2013

A pilot collaboration between San Jose State University and the online course provider Udacity to provide certain basic courses to students over the Internet performed so poorly that SJSU is putting a halt to the program at least until next spring. Read More

Is Crowdfunding The Future of Urban Economic Development?

BY Sam Roudman | Wednesday, May 29 2013

Sunset for Oakland's redevelopment cash. Is it a sunrise for microfinance? Photo: damianpenney

Exclusively for Personal Democracy Plus subscribers: In Oakland, Calif., officials think they've found a way to stimulate business after state lawmakers drastically slashed economic development funding. A microfinancing initiative in partnership with the nonprofit Kiva is expected to start generating loans of up to $5,000 for Oakland entrepreneurs, bringing the East Bay an economic strategy better known in the developing world. Read More

Disrupting Reason: MOOCs, Politics, and the Future of Higher Ed

BY Sam Roudman | Monday, May 13 2013

Can Sebastian Thrun's Udacity help reinvent California's higher ed? Photo: Steve Jurvetson

Education entrepreneurs like Udacity's Sebastian Thrun and San Jose State President Mohammed Qayoumi say that they can improve California's suffering higher education system with "massively online open courses," the much-hyped system that revolves around lectures delivered through online video. Advocates say the University of California and state universities need "disruption" — pitting them against faculty who say that cure would be worse than the disease. Read More

Building on 2012 Grassroots Momentum, Launches Fiscal Cliff Calling Campaign in California

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Friday, November 30 2012, a new progressive coalition, is launching a phone campaign in California on Saturday that will target constituents in key congressional districts, asking them to call their member of congress to support ... Read More

Online Voter Registration is Coming to California

BY Miranda Neubauer | Tuesday, August 28 2012

Online voter registration is coming to California as soon as next month, the California Secretary of State's office announced in a message to county clerks and registrars of voters. Read More

League of California Cities Opposes State Open Data Legislation

BY Miranda Neubauer | Tuesday, June 26 2012

The League of California Cities said in a statement that it opposes proposed open data legislation in that state because it would "impose new duties and costs on public agencies at a time when they can ill afford them, under the guise of promoting greater government transparency." Read More

YouTube Agrees To Alter Its TOS For State Governments

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Thursday, January 19 2012

California's YouTube page

YouTube has agreed to eliminate some of the clauses in its terms of service for state governments, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers announced earlier in the week. Specifically, YouTube agreed ... Read More

A Guide to California's Civic Hacking Projects

BY Nick Judd | Friday, October 21 2011

From Nook e-Readers on loan at the Sacramento Public Library to San Francisco's open data initiatives, California's cities are turning online in the hopes of saving money and improving services, according to a report by ... Read More

Facebook To Wipe Pages Of Inmates Who Update From Behind Bars

BY Nick Judd | Wednesday, August 10 2011

Prison inmates in California who use Facebook from behind bars may have their profiles wiped, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation announced today. (Via CBS News) Facebook has agreed to remove ... Read More