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The Most Tech Savvy Candidate Running for Statewide Office This Year is a Republican

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Friday, October 24 2014

CA State Sen. Alex Padilla (left,) Davenport Institute's Pete Peterson (right.)

A California Republican who is a civic engagement expert is running a grassroots campaign to become secretary of state. He's been outraised by Democratic State Senator Alex Padilla by almost eight to one, but has received endorsements from most of the state's leading newspapers as well as a weekly progressive outlet. Here are some of his ideas for improving an office bogged down by procurement, budget and staffing woes. Read More

California's Campaign Finance System Serves Up A Lump Of Coal To Secretary of State Debra Bowen

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Friday, December 23 2011

Photo: Flickr/SeeWeb

The latest failure of California's campaign finance reporting system is sparking off a broader discussion about the woeful state of the state government's technological infrastructure, and its "painful" procurement processes. Read More