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Four Years In, Code for America's Experiments In Disrupting Govt Still Just The Beginning

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Monday, October 14 2013

One of Code for America's projects this year uses text messaging to notify food stamp recipients about their benefits

Code for America's projects may not end world hunger, overhaul a broken criminal justice system, or solve municipal budget crises in of themselves — but both citizens and government officials see promise in using the organization’s philosophy and techniques to work more closely together to incrementally solve these kinds of problems. That’s becoming increasingly evident as the San Francisco non-profit enters its fourth year and convenes its annual summit this week downtown. Officials from 85 cities both in the United States and abroad are getting together to discuss everything from the merits and limits of acquiring talent and technology through the social coding site Github to implementing municipal entrepreneurship-in-residence programs. Last year, officials from 30 cities attended. Read More

California Judges' Economic Interests Will Be Made Searchable Online Next Monday

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Tuesday, October 9 2012

Anyone who wants to look up the economic interests of California judges will be able to do so more easily online next Monday thanks to a pilot project underway at the California Fair Political Practices Commission. Read More