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Jim Gilliam Explains: 'The Internet is My Religion'

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, June 7 2011

A few minutes ago, Jim Gilliam stood up in front of the crowd of about 900 800 people here at Personal Democracy Forum 2011 and shared a personal story about how the Internet helped him restore his faith — and his ... Read More

Daily Digest: How to Drink from a Firehose (and Know the Election's Winners, to Boot)

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, October 14 2008

The Web on the Candidates From the Department of "What Alanis Morrisette Would Have Called Ironic But is Really Just Bad Timing": Brave New Films had its YouTube channel temporarily shuttered when the company ... Read More

Daily Digest: Online Indy Press Making News, Enemies

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, September 17 2008

The Center for Independent Media's Michigan Messenger is taking some intense GOP heat after a reporter broke the news of a local Republican official's comments that they planned to use foreclosure lists to block ... Read More

Daily Digest: Online Indy Press Making News, Enemies

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, September 17 2008

The Web on the Candidates Michigan's Web Press Showdown: The Center for Independent Media launched in 2006 with an audacious goal: building a thriving independent online news network from scratch. Now the Michigan ... Read More

Qik Takes From the Road: Hamsher, Crawford, Greenwald, Zandt, Newmark and Steinberg

BY Micah L. Sifry | Saturday, June 7 2008

I've been on the road since Thursday, first at a working meeting of the Sunlight Foundation in DC with people working on collaborative governance web designing, and then yesterday in Minneapolis at the National ... Read More

Favorite Videos of the Week: Memorial Day Video Treats

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, May 23 2008

Just in time for the Memorial Day holiday, we bring you eight political videos that are guaranteed to stick to your consciousness like ketchup on a burger. You can never escape the tubes! Read More

Daily Digest: McCainPedia Launches, But Is It Really A Wiki?

BY Joshua Levy | Monday, May 19 2008

BlogHer interviews Barack Obama; a literary deconstruction of an anti-Obama smear; Brave New Films hits McCain with another biting video; blowback from the DNCC's choices for credentialed state bloggers; get your Jews ... Read More

Daily Digest: Finding the Fox News Virus

BY Joshua Levy | Monday, March 17 2008

Robert Greenwald identifies anti-Obama Fox News "virus"; releases grades for Congress; LinkTV gives world citizens the chance to weigh in on the US election; a Digg clone for progressives; Ron Paul's ... Read More