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How to Spot Romney's Vice President Pick in Advance

BY Micah L. Sifry | Monday, August 6 2012

If past history is any guide, the tip-off to Mitt Romney's choice for his running mate may come from watching the Wikipedia pages of the likely contenders — and spotting a last-minute surge in edits. Read More

Ruffini: Stop Smothering GOP Leaders in the Crib

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, March 10 2009

"It's time this stopped," writes the Next Right's Patrick Ruffini. Read More

Daily Digest: Obama in Chinese

BY Joshua Levy | Tuesday, April 8 2008

A "Clinton insider" launches a site calling for Obama/Clinton unity; another site makes it easy to lobby the super delegates; Bobby Jindal for VP?; conservative bloggers aren't paying much attention to McCain; a Chinese ... Read More

Obama is Hybriding

BY Patrick Ruffini | Wednesday, July 25 2007

Barack Obama's campaign has an interesting example of the online-offline integration I talked about a few weeks ago. Having signed up for their text messaging list, I texted in my addresses to get a free Obama bumper ... Read More