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Daily Digest: It's Raining McCain, And It Hurts

BY Joshua Levy | Tuesday, March 25 2008

A new song about McCain makes our ears bleed; once again, OpenLeft asks its readers if it should endorse; the YouTube election 2.0; an Obama video is Obama-sistable; Peter Daou defends Hillary against three myths about ... Read More

Daily Digest: A Kinder, Gentler YouTube

BY Joshua Levy | Tuesday, February 26 2008

Steve Grove offers a nostalgic tour de 'Tube; a cool chart shows the ratio of Obama's blog mentions and those of Clinton; mp3's of the campaigns' conference calls are surfacing; Blue Majority supporters vote not to ... Read More

Daily Digest: To Endorse Or Not To Endorse

BY Joshua Levy | Monday, February 25 2008

Judging the efficacy of a Google bomb campaign against John McCain; three liberal blogs ask readers if they should endorse a candidate before the nominee emerges; another piece about why Twitter matters; illustrating the ... Read More