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My video response to John Edwards

BY stevegarfield | Wednesday, May 2 2007

John Edwards just sent me an email that prompted me to act. The email asked me to contribute money to help him put an ad, about ending the war, on TV in Washington. I didn't do that. It also asked me to create a video. ... Read More

How Can Public Broadcasting Make a Real Difference in Election 2008

BY stevegarfield | Tuesday, April 24 2007

Andy Carvin writes from the NPR annual membership meeting:...yesterday afternoon I got to facilitate a group discussion on how public broadcasting should use social media tools to engage the public during the 2008 ... Read More

A Video Guide to the Candidates

BY stevegarfield | Saturday, April 7 2007 compiles a matrix of candidates and issues on one page. The unique feature is that the page is full of YouTube videos. Read More

Jeff Jarvis Follows The YouTube Campaign 2008

BY stevegarfield | Tuesday, February 20 2007

Jeff Jarvis is tracking the use of video in the 2008 presidential campaign on his new site PrezVid. Read More

Where's Mitt Romney's Announcement Video?

BY stevegarfield | Tuesday, February 13 2007

Update: Stephen B. Smith, Director of Online Communications for the Romney for President Exploratory Committee just emailed to let us know that the Full Announcement Video is on MittTV. Glad to see they are listening. ... Read More

Obama Announcement: Stream vs. TV

BY stevegarfield | Saturday, February 10 2007

I tried to watch the Barack Obama presidential announcement today on their webstream from It was a stuttering frustrating experience. After spending some time trying alternate streams and reloading the ... Read More

Obama'08 Website Goes Live: Let's Click Some Buttons

BY stevegarfield | Saturday, February 10 2007

It's 9:16 AM in Boston and I just visited to check on the time of his live webstream. It's at 10:50 AM EST, but even more interesting is his new website. Lot's to see here and explore before the ... Read More