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Ethics and Believability in Politics: On Sifry's Theory of an 'Obama Disconnect'

BY Peter Daou | Tuesday, January 5 2010

Cross-posted at Huffington Post Micah Sifry has written a widely discussed essay about the denuded Obama grassroots movement, touching on a broad range of issues, from the campaign team's exertion of top-down control to ... Read More

The Philosophical Significance of Twitter: Consciousness Outfolding

BY Peter Daou | Tuesday, June 16 2009

NOTE: This is my latest post for Consider This News, a new site I've launched with conservative blogger Patrick Hynes focusing on news and newsmakers. As with any new phenomenon, a wave of curiosity, criticism, mockery, ... Read More

President Obama Versus the CW Machine, Round One

BY Peter Daou | Thursday, February 5 2009

A striking fact about the current political environment is that despite the ground-breaking Democratic victory on November 4th - whose seeds were planted by progressive online activists - the new administration is ... Read More