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Conversations from 'Who to Hire'

BY Nick Judd | Wednesday, April 7 2010

The guide we released yesterday, "Who to Hire: The PdF Political Technology Guide," is based on hours of interviews I conducted with company representatives of political technology firms, and their clients. Talking with ... Read More

'Who to Hire,' the PdF Guide to Political Tech, Now Available

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, April 6 2010

We're happy to announce that our new guide to political technology companies, "Who to Hire: the PdF Political Technology Guide," has just launched. The online version of the guide is a compendium of profiles of companies ... Read More

Spicy Industry News: AFL-CIO Taps Salsa

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, March 16 2010

People who know Salsa Labs co-founders Read More

What Ever Happened To ...

BY Nick Judd | Wednesday, March 10 2010

Source: HuffPo Larry Ward, the president of Political Media, says the joke's on anyone who tried to exploit his company's unintentionally hilarious URL shortener when it launched last December. When the site ... Read More

Local Politics Wins: PdF Network Call with Rob Willington on Scott Brown '10

BY Nick Judd | Friday, March 5 2010

PdF Conference Call When Scott Brown's campaign was winding down, his web/political strategist Rob Willington — a former executive director of the Massachusetts Republican Party — bought Just in ... Read More

Clearing the Cache: Coming Down from the Summit

BY Nick Judd | Friday, February 26 2010

The State of the Internet in 2009. Read More

PdF Network: How Obama did online video

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, February 4 2010

PdF Conference Call Kate Albright-Hanna just wrapped up an hour-long talk with PdF Network members about how Barack Obama's campaign used Internet video. Albright-Hanna, now at the online news and entertainment ... Read More

Wild Horses: Proves Good Stats are Hard to Wrangle

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, January 28 2010

Rollin' rollin' rollin', keep them data rollin': A herd of federal agency data was taken in from the pasture on Jan. 22. // Photo: Bureau of Land Management Not to knock the plight of the wild North American horse, but ... Read More

On PdF Conference Call, a Talk About, and People Power

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, January 21 2010

CORRECTED // via Flickr For an hour or so this afternoon, Michael Silberman of EchoDitto and Phil Aroneanu of the climate change advocacy network talked with Micah Sifry and members of the PdF Network ... Read More