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In Australia, Voters Robo-Call You!

BY Nick Judd | Friday, August 13 2010

The Australian Youth Climate Coalition is asking constituents to robo-call their members of Parliament. Here's a switch: In Australia, one online organizing group is having their constituents robo-call their members of ... Read More

StreetFilms' Introduction to Transit Data

BY Nick Judd | Monday, August 2 2010

A Case for Open Data in Transit from Streetfilms on Vimeo. The folks at StreetFilms, part of OpenPlans, today released a video argument in favor of public transit authorities releasing the data they gather in the course ... Read More

In Which a Man Dressed As an Air Freshener Makes Fun of Snooki

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, July 29 2010

A man dressed as a giant air freshener is taking to the New Jersey streets in search of fellow Garden Staters who, like him, feel that the state is getting a bad rap in the latest spate of Jersey-themed reality ... Read More

The War Logs: Real-Time Violence

BY Nick Judd | Monday, July 26 2010

Veteran New York Times reporter C.J. Chivers used the War Logs released Sunday by Wikileaks to pull together an account of a bloody battle between insurgents and American soldiers not unlike the dispatches he has filed ... Read More

The Challenge of Tech for Civic Groups

BY Nick Judd | Friday, July 23 2010

Here in New York, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer and our friends and sometime partners at OpenPlans are collaborating to create a government-sponsored social networking platform — something that will, ... Read More

Where the Small Money Goes, 2010 Edition

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, July 22 2010

With Nancy Scola looking at the future of the big-dollar Democratic donor and Businessweek — Businessweek! — diving in to the fundraising proclivities of Rep. Michele Bachmann, maybe it's time to take a look ... Read More

Battle over Use of Contributor Data Continues Between Aristotle and NGP

BY Nick Judd | Wednesday, July 21 2010

In a complaint sent to the Federal Elections Commission dated July 19, NGP Software resurrected its objections over how Aristotle software makes use of FEC data about political contributors. Read More

Finally, Facts Unsealed In Aristotle - NGP Court Cases

BY Nick Judd | Monday, July 19 2010

Aristotle and NGP Software, two of the political technology industry's top service platforms, have for years been in a long-drawn-out court battle in which each seeks a federal court's intervention in the other's ... Read More

The Trouble With Turtles: A Q&A With the Federal Oil Spill Response Team

BY Nick Judd | Friday, July 16 2010

Federal spokespeople answer questions about the impact of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill on sea turtles. In lower right, a tweet pertaining to the Q&A from the joint federal response's Twitter account. The joint ... Read More

What Do Prince and the Rupee Have in Common?

BY Nick Judd | Friday, July 16 2010

The new symbol for the Indian rupee, designed by Shri D Udaya Kumar. Image: Government of India / Press Information Bureau Via Gawker, here's a Reuters report that the Indian rupee's new symbol was approved yesterday. It ... Read More