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Karl Rove: Not Citizen 2.0

BY Michael Bassik | Thursday, November 8 2007

Karl Rove and Max Cleland spoke to over 100 online political consultants today in Washington, DC during Yahoo's The Rise of Citizen 2.0 event. Yahoo's Citizen 2.0 is not much unlike IPDI's Poli-fulentials , Roper's ... Read More

Improvements to Facebook Groups

BY Michael Bassik | Tuesday, October 9 2007

techPresident reported yesterday that "a number of participants are going to press Facebook to get rid of its 1000-person cap on email to group members" at the Facebook Political Summit today in Washington, DC. Indeed, ... Read More

YouTube: Now for Republicans!

BY Michael Bassik | Friday, July 27 2007

When you think about YouTube, you probably think young and liberal. Well, if you did, you’d be, um, wrong. As the Republican presidential candidates mull decisions to pull out of the YouTube/CNN debate, we here at ... Read More

How Much Was Spent Online in '06?

BY Michael Bassik | Wednesday, February 14 2007

MediaPost reported last November that online political ad spending hit $40 million according to PQ Media. And then today, The Wall Street Journal pointed to PQ Media in reporting that candidates, political parties and ... Read More

Googlection 2008

BY Michael Bassik | Tuesday, February 13 2007

As more and more candidates declare their intention to run for president in 2008, more and more Americans will turn to search engines like Google and Yahoo! to find their websites. So, at a minimum, I expected all 17 of ... Read More

The Future Is In Your Pocket

BY Michael Bassik | Tuesday, September 13 2005

Add mobile communication to the ever-growing list of “must-have” applications for the forward-thinking political campaign. That’s the message being conveyed today at the first-ever Politics-to-Go conference, hosted ... Read More

DSCC Gives Bloggers First Look at New Site

BY Michael Bassik | Monday, August 8 2005

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is providing bloggers and blog readers with an exclusive sneak peek at their soon-to-launch redesigned website. For the next few days, the only way to see the new site is by ... Read More

Blogs to Candidates: Pack You Own Life Preserver

BY Michael Bassik | Tuesday, July 5 2005

The Washington Post reports today about anonymous blog postings and their influence on local races in Virginia. According to the article -- and conventional wisdom -- although most blogs “draw only a few thousand ... Read More

Second FEC Panel on Internet Communication

BY Michael Bassik | Tuesday, June 28 2005

Carol Darr from the Institute for Politics, Technology & The Internet (IPDI) kicked off the second panel on Internet Communications before the Federal Election Commission.  IPDI's comments to the FEC came under ... Read More

FEC Testimony on Internet Communication Begins

BY Michael Bassik | Tuesday, June 28 2005

The Federal Election Commission began two days of hearings on its Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Internet Communications this morning. After brief opening comments from FEC Chairman Scott Thomas, Vice Chairman Michael ... Read More