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Why Haven't Conservatives Built Their Own ActBlue Around Twitter?

BY Luigi Montanez | Tuesday, May 26 2009

One of the great things about Twitter, and its API, is that it promotes the rapid development of innovative applications on top of it. For example, Twitpay was created over the course of a weekend. At a recent Ruby on ... Read More

And the Rush Limbaugh Domain Squatting Begins

BY Luigi Montanez | Tuesday, March 3 2009

With a Democrat back in the White House, conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh has rekindled that fire in his belly, and his listeners are already beginning to dream about 2012. Over the past month, several possible ... Read More

The Most Powerful List in American Politics

BY Luigi Montanez | Sunday, November 9 2008

Much has been written about what’s next for the national movement that sprung up around the Obama campaign. The fruit of the Obama campaign’s organizational prowess is a multi-million member supporter list, ... Read More

RNC Files FEC Complaint Against Obama Inspired by an Email Smear?

BY Luigi Montanez | Sunday, October 5 2008

One of the more fascinating aspects of the presidential campaign has been the proliferation of email smears against Barack Obama, and his campaign’s efforts to fight back. Back in July, such an email dropped into ... Read More

Paradigm Shiftlessness in 2008

BY Luigi Montanez | Wednesday, July 30 2008

Looking back at the past 18 months, what’s remarkable about the 2008 campaign is how unremarkable it’s actually been when it comes to the use of the Internet. While Patrick Ruffini earlier argued that Barack ... Read More

Powered by Truth (and Supporters Like You) [UPDATED]

BY Luigi Montanez | Thursday, June 12 2008

The Obama campaign has launched a microsite at, debunking the attacks du jour against him (and his wife). But why exactly did the campaign feel compelled to do this, and why won’t we be seeing a ... Read More

RNC Facebook Group Membership Drive Inadvertently Propels DNC Facebook Group Membership

BY Luigi Montanez | Tuesday, June 3 2008

A quick note about the Law of Unintended Consequences in action: A post on Crooks and Liars earlier this afternoon reported that the RNC's Facebook group had surpassed the DNC's group in membership, and the RNC was ... Read More The Rise of Nanosites

BY Luigi Montanez | Friday, May 23 2008

We’ve all seen microsites used in politics, from last year to the recently launched Common to microsites are a clear message and clear call to action. But how about sites that are ... Read More

The Anatomy of a Perfect Email

BY Luigi Montanez | Wednesday, May 21 2008

The John McCain campaign has been pilloried time and time again when it comes to their email strategy. The emails are overly long, unclear, and designed as if they were a piece of direct mail. But, as a public service to ... Read More

Can Bob Barr Tap Into Ron Paul's Movement?

BY Luigi Montanez | Monday, May 12 2008

Bob Barr, who served in Congress as a Republican but is now registered with the Libertarian Party, today formally announced his entry into the Presidential race, and as the only candidate for his party’s nomination ... Read More