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Is this the first viral video of the 2008 Presidential elections?

BY Liza Sabater | Wednesday, June 11 2008

I believe "I Am Voting Republican" marks the official beginning of the 2008 Presidential Elections. Read More

What I learned in Philly's 14th Ward about language, class and the interfaces of political power

BY Liza Sabater | Thursday, April 24 2008

Yesterday I wrote about getting Lost In Hillaryland while driving down to Philadelphia to volunteer for the Obama campaign. In that post at Kenneth Cole’s Awearness Blog, I write about how after the mini-adventure of ... Read More

Could one blog post reflect a core demographics' voting trends?

BY Liza Sabater | Friday, February 15 2008

UPDATED If one blog post can point to a core demographics "way of thinking", then one could say that the outburst of discussion in the mommy blogosphere created by mommyblogger, The Queen of Spain, may indicate that ... Read More

Who's in for a 10 Questions meetup this Sunday afternoon?

BY Liza Sabater | Friday, November 9 2007

Would you like that video question served with a latte? The meet me this Sunday at Rapture Cafe in NYC for a fun afternoon of 10Questions. Read More

Will the MTV/MySpace Presidential Dialogues be history in the making?

BY Liza Sabater | Wednesday, September 26 2007

Tomorrow John Edwards is poised to have his own history making moment thanks to MTV and MySpace. The presidential hopeful is kicking off the first of the MTV/MySpace Presidential Dialogues at the University of New ... Read More

Separated at MySpace

BY Liza Sabater | Monday, February 26 2007

I have noticed that my list of MySpace friends doesn't grow linearly. You can't just go to the last page of your "friends" to see who's added themselves to your train. New "friends" seem to get added and sorted at ... Read More