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What's an Evangerealist?

BY Jed Miller | Friday, June 4 2010

Internet evangerealists don't talk at you about what's possible, they talk with you about what's needed. They don't work with products, they work with people. They don't have wireless headsets, they have conversations. ... Read More

Believable Change: A Reality Check on Online Participation

BY Jed Miller | Monday, October 26 2009

Reposted from "Increasing Citizen Engagement in Government," the Fall 2009 newsletter from the Center for Intergovernmental Solutions, an office of the General Services Administration. To be effective, Internet ... Read More

User Storms, Finding Norms

BY Jed Miller | Sunday, June 18 2006

"The Paper of Record" is hardly the one place to get the gospel on anything, but when 4 NYT articles in 24 hours talk about customers, fans, and online contributors driving the direction of not just web sites, but ... Read More

frist things frist/getting a reid

BY Jed Miller | Wednesday, November 2 2005

Per Micah's post about Hastert blog, I noticed today that neither the Reid site nor the Frist site had a firsthand update or even a statement about the secret session. Too bad. Great opportunity to give the flavor and ... Read More


BY Jed Miller | Thursday, July 14 2005

The Karl Rove kontroversy is not blog-born or blog-driven, but I think Farhad Manjoo's Salon article shows the influence of instapunditry. The article lays out the story so far in a relatively straight-ahead way, but ... Read More

Wonkette on 'What's the Difference?'

BY Jed Miller | Monday, March 14 2005

At the Monday keynote of SXSW Interactive, Texas Monthly's Evan Smith is interviewing Wonkette, who I'm going to call Ana Marie Cox from now on. About 20 minutes in, Smith asked if bloggers are journalists. "If we're ... Read More

From SXSW Interactive

BY Jed Miller | Monday, March 14 2005

In Austin at SXSW, for a panel tomorrow on deliberative democracy and technology. Yesterday, heard Jeffrey Veen make a great point on how technology can fuel post-conference follow-up. Blogs, he suggested, may be a ... Read More

Harwood: Tackling Red & Blue Issues

BY Jed Miller | Tuesday, January 18 2005

For Inauguration week, Rich Harwood has invited several guests to his Redeeming Hope blog to talk about the Red/Blue division and "the next chapter of America’s story." Rich has written and spoken extensively about the ... Read More

Gen-Wi Polling

BY Jed Miller | Thursday, October 28 2004

Something to watch for. Researching an article on youth, politics and technology, I heard from Rock the Vote that they are about to launch a wireless poll in partnership with Zogby. Read More

It's a Spitball! It's a Filter!

BY Jed Miller | Tuesday, October 26 2004

E&P online edtor Jesse Oxfeld wrote a sensible analysis this week of a panel discussion called "Blog the Vote" sponsored by the Allentown Morning Call. Read More