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What Tools are YOU Using for Online Politics?

BY Colin Delany | Monday, May 12 2008

Let's help get a better sense of what tools political professionals are using, both for advocacy and to help elect candidates: take the 2008 E-Voter Institute Survey of Political and Advocacy Communications Leaders ... Read More

Republican Social Media Site Tries to Turn "Yes We Can" Back on Obama

BY Colin Delany | Friday, May 9 2008

An interesting new GOP anti-Obama site, mixes social media techniques and video to try to undermine Obama's credibility. But does the featured video actually backfire? Read More

Has Facebook Jumped the Shark as a Political Tool?

BY Colin Delany | Monday, May 5 2008

I hate to risk alienating my new BFF Mark Zuckerberg, but has Facebook's moment in the sun as a hot political tool passed? And if so, what does that tell us about the future of social networking sites for online ... Read More

Obama Supporters Using Wiki to Reach Superdelegates, Text Messages to Reach Your Momma

BY Colin Delany | Sunday, April 27 2008

As the Democratic primary process grinds on, the candidates' supporters are using just about every electronic tool available to swing the race their way. Two cases in point from the Obama side: is a ... Read More

Inbox Deathmatch: Obama vs. McCain

BY Colin Delany | Monday, April 14 2008

It's always fun when dueling campaign emails arrive in the e.politics inbox only minutes apart, particularly when they're so gently massaging the same issues-of-the-moment. Today's edition: Obama vs. McCain. The ... Read More

How Are Candidates Spending Their Money Online?

BY Colin Delany | Wednesday, March 5 2008

Update from the Politics Online Conference: some quick numbers from Patrick Quinn of PQMedia on how candidates are expected to spend their money online in 2008. And, what will it take to boost the percentage of political ... Read More

Grading the Presidential Email Campaigns (Spoiler: Everybody Flunks)

BY Colin Delany | Thursday, February 28 2008

Marketer Brent Rosengren has embarked on a journey through the wilds of presidential email campaigns, using commercial email marketing standards and practices as a standard, and guess what: ALL of the top-level campaigns ... Read More

Obama Online Ad Seems Aimed at General Election

BY Colin Delany | Thursday, February 21 2008

The Obama campaign seems to have shifted at least some of its online ad buying towards a general election strategy, at least judging from a display ad on a decidedly non-political site Read More

Hillary Clinton's Online Fundraising Ads

BY Colin Delany | Sunday, February 10 2008

The Clinton campaign has started advertising for donations on Washington Post online properties. Read More