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Obama Campaign Saw "Ridiculously" High ROI from Google Ads

BY Colin Delany | Wednesday, February 11 2009

Cross-posted at e.politics Another tip from the Obama campaign: take a solid look at search advertising. At two recent public discussions, members of the winning 2008 new media team have mentioned the effectiveness of ... Read More

Obama Campaign's New Media Staff was NOT a Part of the Tech Team

BY Colin Delany | Thursday, January 29 2009

Cross-posted on e.politics At a New Organizing Institute presentation this week, former Obama new media director Joe Rospars (last seen in the pages of e.politics talking about the importance of good content to the ... Read More

Politics is Viral -- AND Local

BY Colin Delany | Tuesday, December 30 2008

Cross-posted on e.politics An online politics wrap-up article by Jose Antonio Vargas published in the Post this weekend has been working its way through the internet politics crowd over the past couple of days, being ... Read More

David Plouffe: The Obama Campaign Used Grassroots Data and Computer Modeling to Allocate Resources in Real Time

BY Colin Delany | Wednesday, December 24 2008

Cross-posted on e.politics A week or two ago, I happened to catch the C-Span broadcast of a fascinating discussion at Harvard's Kennedy School -- PBS's Gwen Ifill moderated a panel including David Axelrod and David ... Read More

Inside the Obama Numbers: Tiers of Engagement

BY Colin Delany | Wednesday, December 3 2008

Cross-posted on e.politics Now that the details are slooowly creeping out and we have a clearer idea of the Obama election team's online numbers, what conclusions can we draw for the future? Right off the bat, Jose ... Read More

Obama Transition Web Team Includes Both Technical and Outreach Staff

BY Colin Delany | Thursday, November 13 2008

Cross-posted on e.politics As reported on TPM Cafe yesterday, the Obama transition team has named its first online communications staff: Macon Phillips, formerly of Blue State Digital and the Obama campaign, will head ... Read More

How the Internet Put Barack Obama in the White House

BY Colin Delany | Wednesday, November 5 2008

Cross-posted on e.politics Barack Obama elected president in 2008? Inconceivable without the internet -- and that's not just a web-guy's brag. Sarah Lai Stirland has already wrapped up online technology's critical role ... Read More

At This Point, The Internet is Pretty Much Done

BY Colin Delany | Monday, October 27 2008

Cross-posted on e.politics Got your attention with that headline, eh? No, I'm not saying the 'net has jumped the shark or otherwise taken a stock market-like plunge as a political tool, but I AM saying that in the last ... Read More

The Enduring Power of Small Online Donors

BY Colin Delany | Monday, October 20 2008

Cross-posted on e.politics Sunday's announcement from the Obama campaign confirmed it: whatever other political roles it may play, the internet is one hell of a way to fund a campaign. Obama raised more than $150 million ... Read More

After the Debates: Using the Internet to Win at the Water Cooler

BY Colin Delany | Friday, September 26 2008

Cross-posted on e.politics Way on back in 2007, we used to talk about how the internet fit into a presidential debate, that hallowed (and effective) tradition of the televison era. We even had two YouTube debates -- ... Read More