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Friendly reminder to Obama: "Do you."

BY Chris Rabb | Tuesday, April 8 2008

I am not a high-priced, nationally-recognized political guru like Mark Penn, James Carville, or David Axelrod. I am a mere mortal not blessed with modest intelligence wrapped in the seductive candy-coating of white male ... Read More

The blogosphere imitating life . . . Surprise, surprise!

BY Chris Rabb | Friday, September 15 2006

I have often said quite plainly that the blogosphere is a reflection of society in many ways. And it is clear to me that it is indeed a mirror of the racial inequities, discord and tensions that exist in the physical ... Read More

The semantics and substance behind 4 pesky words

BY Chris Rabb | Sunday, March 27 2005

Diversity. Democracy. Racism. Progressive. Four words no longer recommended for polite online and on-land conversation. Diversity This is what I've concluded navigating the various predominantly white environs and ... Read More