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More Analysis of

BY Ari Melber | Tuesday, July 10 2007

Discussing the new OpenLeft blog with former Hotline Blogometer editor William Beutler. Read More

E-Campaign Directors! (Live Blogging PDF 4)

BY Ari Melber | Friday, May 18 2007

Current e-campaign directors compete for who has the most integrated Internet operation. Read More

Navigating the New Media Panel (Live Blogging PDF 3)

BY Ari Melber | Friday, May 18 2007

Live blogging the panel on "Navigating the New Media System" -- with new blog ventures, facebook, cliches, and, of course, debating the Dean loss... Read More

Friedman on China and a Dog's Hearing -- Live Blogging PDF (2)

BY Ari Melber | Friday, May 18 2007

Tom Friedman reads from the "3.0" version of his book. The speech ended with a quote from “Grandma Friedman,” who told her columnist grandson to never cede a century to a country that censors Google. Too bad Tom ... Read More

Live Blogging PDF (1) Lessig, Friedman & Schmidt

BY Ari Melber | Friday, May 18 2007

Live blogging the conference Read More

Hagel's Internet Movement: A Success that Hasn't Occurred Yet

BY Ari Melber | Sunday, January 28 2007

The Washington Post reports an Internet movement has formed for Sen. Chuck Hagel. It may be a success that hasn't occurred yet. Read More

Draft Obama! Why Bother?

BY Ari Melber | Monday, January 22 2007

Ambitious politicians don't need to be urged to run for higher office. But "draft" websites, which the netroots used to put mavericks like Wesley Clark and Jim Webb on the map, are becoming a standard political exercise. ... Read More

Safire on the Roots of Netroots

BY Ari Melber | Monday, November 20 2006

The New York Times William Safire turned his etymological eye on the netroots this weekend, looking at the roots of Jerome Armstrong’s now-famous term for Internet activists: “You can hear the netroots screaming,” ... Read More

Are Bloggers the New Pamphleteers?

BY Ari Melber | Monday, October 30 2006

Many people have compared bloggers to the pamphleteers who wrote political screeds during the American revolution. A new venture is taking that idea a step futher, turning a few bloggers into literal pamphleteers by ... Read More

YouTube: Political Democratization or Destruction?

BY Ari Melber | Monday, August 21 2006

Will YouTube democratize politics or destroy it? That's the question The New Republic's Ryan Lizza explores in a Sunday New York Times article about the website's growing role in political campaigns. While most of ... Read More