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[Editorial] Let's Change the Ratio Once and For All

BY Andrew Rasiej | Thursday, June 28 2012


In this editorial, PDM publisher Andrew Rasiej talks about the problem of gender discrimination in the digital industry. Citing his own inclusion in The Daily Beast/Newsweek's Digital Power Index--which only named nine women out of one hundred digerati--he calls on his peers to address the issue head on. Read More

Editorial: Debate Questions About Tech and the Internet Still #Unasked

BY Andrew Rasiej | Tuesday, February 21 2012

GOP presidential debate, August 11, 2011. Source:

With 839 questions asked in the twenty GOP presidential debates so far, only four have been even remotely about technology policy or the Internet. In this techPresident editor, PDM publisher Andrew Rasiej offers three questions of his own, and calls on readers to join in the #unasked campaign to help get more issues of interest to the public--the citizens agenda rather than the inside-baseball journalists agenda--raised in the debates ahead. Read More

Setting the Record Straight on Obama's New Media Team

BY Andrew Rasiej | Monday, March 2 2009

This morning there was an extensive piece published (on page three) in The Washington Post regarding the Obama Admisnistration’s web efforts. The article was titled, "Web-Savvy Obama Team Hits Unexpected Bumps: Issues ... Read More

The Medium is the Text Message

BY Andrew Rasiej | Wednesday, August 27 2008

Just like 3 million other Americans, I signed up for the Barack Obama campaign's now famous VP announcement text message. But once I received it, albeit at 3AM, what caught my attention was not the Senator's selection of ... Read More