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Daily Digest: Did the Internet Matter?

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, November 28 2008

"Does the Internet Matter?": That's the title of a new report out from Temple University's Institute for Business and Information Technology. Making use of some techPresident data, Temple's Sunil Wattal, David ... Read More Starts to Go Interactive, Intensively

BY Micah L. Sifry | Tuesday, November 25 2008

"Today we're trying out a new feature on our website that will allow us get instant feedback from you about our top priorities. We also hope it will allow you to form communities around these issues -- with the best ... Read More

An Open Letter to PdF Participants

BY Editors | Monday, June 23 2008

Dear bloggers, online activists, Internet advocates, and digital journalists: Are you democratic revolutionaries or just another interest group? Read More

Daily Digest: Enjoyable Blog Spells Trouble for Team McCain

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, June 10 2008

The new McCain blog is clever, readable, and occasionally funny -- why that's a bad thing; we meet a southern California who used the Internet to go from unengaged voter to a "field commander of sorts;" the brouhaha ... Read More

MTV News Still on the Edge of Political News

BY Alan Rosenblatt | Tuesday, April 22 2008

Think MTV's Street Team '08 once again puts MTV News at the leading edge of election news coverage. I have long been a fan of MTV News and its coverage of electoral politics. Back in the early '90's, while I was ... Read More

Where are all the women political bloggers? This new widget tells you, by state and party ID

BY Morra Aarons-Mele | Wednesday, April 16 2008

In a further extension of BlogHer's mission to identify and promote women in the blogosphere, I wanted to let you know about our new widget- we're inviting women political bloggers to list themselves. Please spread the ... Read More

Bush Blogs, Sort Of

BY Micah L. Sifry | Monday, January 21 2008

Looks like President Bush or one of his ghost-writers had time to post some "Trip Notes From the Middle East" that are almost bloggish in their style. Now we know who picks out the president's suits and ties. (Hat tips ... Read More

Who's in for a 10 Questions meetup this Sunday afternoon?

BY Liza Sabater | Friday, November 9 2007

Would you like that video question served with a latte? The meet me this Sunday at Rapture Cafe in NYC for a fun afternoon of 10Questions. Read More

Calling All Bloggers: Who Are You Endorsing?

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, October 3 2007

While a quick glance at the biggest political blogs suggests that none of the presidential candidates have caught fire, lots of political bloggers are declaring their allegiance to a candidate, either with a post or by ... Read More

Note to GOP: Websites Still Matter

BY Patrick Ruffini | Thursday, July 5 2007

When critics point to the Republican Party's problems online, my response is that our problems aren't online. Our problems are offline, in a cranky base, in a reluctance to truly motivate and inspire cause-oriented ... Read More