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PDF on Kos: A Counterpoint

BY David Weinberger | Monday, November 1 2004

I was disappointed by Personal Democracy Forum's article on The Daily Kos by Brian Reich. Most of Brian's article is terrific. He explains the Kos site well and value-checks himself along the way, citing folks who ... Read More

Mobile Phoners And Texters Favor Kerry 55% to 40%

BY Halley Suitt | Monday, November 1 2004

One day before the presidential elections, and I'm sure you're as sick of poll results as I am. But Andrew Sullivan's post "Young, Restless Kerry Voters" points to Zogby's effort to actually poll young cell phone users ... Read More

The Political Bloggers' Day of Reckoning

BY Halley Suitt | Friday, October 29 2004

Now think about this. Most of the highest traffic, most famous blogs are about politics. I know on Tuesday, Election Day, they will be at full throttle, but as we wind down in the next few weeks -- where will that leave ... Read More

Adina Levin's guide to campaign tools

BY Christian Crumlish | Thursday, October 28 2004

The collection of essays now known as Extreme Democracy should appear in book form early next year, but it is coming out in serialized PDF (portadble document format) at the moment at the project's blog. Read More

'Caging' memos mistakenly sent to parody site

BY Christian Crumlish | Thursday, October 28 2004

What is it with Republicans confusing .coms and .orgs? The parody site gets a lot of misdirected mail at their catchall address. Amidst the chaff were the occasional strategic or informative message sent ... Read More

No Comment?

BY Halley Suitt | Thursday, October 28 2004

This morning I published a post on my weblog, Halley's Comment called "12 Reasons Women Should Vote For Kerry/Edwards" with the comments field open for replies. Read More

The Daily Kos: Machine Politics 2.0

BY Brian Reich | Thursday, October 28 2004

“I'm going to refrain from calling him a dirty little troll of a man who wouldn't know a lit drop from a phone bank.” “He’s a little punk ass jerk with an over-inflated ego.” It is the rare political insider or ... Read More

Voter Sousveillance

BY Micah L. Sifry | Thursday, October 28 2004

Video Vote Vigil is asking for volunteer videographers to send them video of disturbances outside polling locations on Election Day. Jon Lebkowsky writes that they aren't quite set up to accept content yet, but ... Read More

Gen-Wi Polling

BY Jed Miller | Thursday, October 28 2004

Something to watch for. Researching an article on youth, politics and technology, I heard from Rock the Vote that they are about to launch a wireless poll in partnership with Zogby. Read More

What Echo Chamber?

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, October 27 2004

Guess what? Internet users don't insulate themselves in information echo chambers. "Wired Americans are more aware than non-internet users of all kinds of arguments, even those that challenge their preferred candidates ... Read More