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New Tools – Old Tactics (2) Reaching Voters

BY Kaliya Hamlin | Saturday, January 15 2005

At emergingprogressives: THIS POST HAS BEEN REMOVED. Per Request of the presenter of the Information. My question? How are we (all people) going to learn to use the interent better to engaged the public now and around ... Read More

New Tools – Old Tactics (1) What is organizing?

BY Kaliya Hamlin | Saturday, January 15 2005

At emergingprogressives: One of the subplots of election cycle is the use of new technology in traditional organizing – basically using databases and maps well to get out vote by calling and knocking on doors. AFL-CIO ... Read More

Landing at Emerging Progressives

BY Kaliya Hamlin | Saturday, January 15 2005

I am on 'assignment' blogging emergingprogressives. During the opening panel, I heard the word “internet” once and there was no reflection of how online tools were used during the campaign. Instead the focus was on ... Read More

All Blogotics is Local?

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, January 5 2005

If 2004 was the Year of the Big Nationally-Influential Political Blogs, could 2005 be the year that blogs that focus on state and local politics come into their own? And I mean blogs written by passionate amateurs, not ... Read More

Come Together, Right Now: The Internet's Unlit Fuse

BY Zephyr Teachout | Sunday, November 14 2004

If there had been no Internet, what would have been different in this election? First and most important, I cannot imagine Al Qaeda without the Internet. Which is to say, I can’t imagine the huge shock of 9/11, the ... Read More

Open Thread

BY Editors | Monday, November 8 2004

For comments on our symposium on Election 2004... Read More

Orcinus is tracking incidents of 'violence, threats or intimidation'

BY Christian Crumlish | Tuesday, November 2 2004

David Neiwert is setting up a blog clearinghouse at his site, Orcinus, to report incidents of violence, threats, or intimidation against Democratic campaign workers, supporters, and voters. (He leaves it to "the other ... Read More

The importance of user interface

BY Christian Crumlish | Tuesday, November 2 2004

Snopes has the skinny on a voting-machine mishap in Texas. An early voter who attempted to vote a straight ticket discovered that her vote for Kerry/Edwards had been switched to a vote for Bush/Cheney. The cause appears ... Read More

Did Bin Laden Really Meme That?

BY Micah L. Sifry | Tuesday, November 2 2004

On the surface it appears that the latest Bin Laden video has had little effect on the presidential contest. But I've noticed a swelling chorus on rightwing sites pointing to a purported re-translation of a key passage ... Read More

All digits are untrustworthy

BY David Weinberger | Monday, November 1 2004

A few weeks after Dean lost in New Hampshire, a guy posted research that "proved" that Dean lost disproportionately in districts that used electronic voting machines, even when you factored in economic disparities. Now, ... Read More