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Aaron Swartz awarded in Technorati developers' contest

BY Christian Crumlish | Wednesday, January 19 2005

The widget on the PDF home page that shows which Senators and Congressfolks are being talked about the most in the blogosphere is driven by Technorati using an application developed for this site by Aaron Swartz. Micah ... Read More

Kos on Blog Ethics

BY Christian Crumlish | Tuesday, January 18 2005

In a post called Ethics, Kos addresses the recent Zephyr / Dean / WSJ / Armstrong-Williams-equivalency flap: So to recap, if I write about something in which I hold a financial stake, I will disclose it. If I don't, then ... Read More

Harwood: Tackling Red & Blue Issues

BY Jed Miller | Tuesday, January 18 2005

For Inauguration week, Rich Harwood has invited several guests to his Redeeming Hope blog to talk about the Red/Blue division and "the next chapter of America’s story." Rich has written and spoken extensively about the ... Read More

NetRoots Building with Long Tail Principles

BY Kaliya Hamlin | Tuesday, January 18 2005

At the end of the Internet and Politics session there was a great discussion about Netroots [GrassRoots + Online] organizing with Matt Stoller and others: You can build very geographically distributed constituencies ... Read More

Internet and Politics (4) NetRoots Organizers

BY Kaliya Hamlin | Tuesday, January 18 2005

These questions came up during the session What is a good web organizer? What do you look for when hire one? How do you evaluate firms who offer services in this realm? There were no clear answers offered to these ... Read More

Thinking Out Loud: Help Wanted

BY Chris Nolan | Monday, January 17 2005

The MoveOn story I wrote last month triggered a long email from Amanda Toering, the founder of, an organization she's started to help – dare I say it – put reasonable standards back in television. ... Read More

Internet and Politics (2) High Return Despite Low Investment

BY Kaliya Hamlin | Monday, January 17 2005

Michael Cornfield from the Pew Research Center on the Internet and American LIfe shared some interesting facts. Only 1/100th of the money spent in this campaign cycle was spent on internet advertising compared to ... Read More

Internet and Politics (1) What is a Network?

BY Kaliya Hamlin | Monday, January 17 2005

Matt Stoller did a great Job blogging the second Internet panel at emergingprogressives. I thought Michael's presentation about the difference between one to many (traditional campaigns with hierarchical structures, ... Read More

Overwhelmed by Talking Heads at Emerging Progressives

BY Kaliya Hamlin | Saturday, January 15 2005

I just left the 5th plenary session that I have heard in less then 24 hours at emerging progressives (perhaps less gracefully then I could have). So far all the folks on stage are 'elders' in the party and movement ... Read More

New Tools – Old Tactics (3) How tech changed campaigns

BY Kaliya Hamlin | Saturday, January 15 2005

At emergingprogressives: How has the internet changed things: Fundraising Productivity Transparenty Insurgent media Politictal Heterarchical organizing Good and bad No one has yet to put together all of these cool new ... Read More