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The Internet Gap

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, March 9 2005

Kerry voters were two-and-a-half times as likely to participate in online discussions or chat groups about the election than Bush voters, almost twice as likely to register their opinions in online surveys, and ... Read More

New Convio Product Does What I Wish My Local Paper Did

BY Kate Kaye | Tuesday, March 8 2005

Convio just unveiled a tool that automates messages to members of advocacy organizations based on their representatives' voting records. According to the press release, the software services company's "Advocacy Center" ... Read More

Choicepoint does the government's dirty work

BY Christian Crumlish | Tuesday, March 8 2005

A number of people have pointed out that the real Choicepoint scandal isn't that they were robbed in a way that allowed identity theft, but that their robbers obtained the information by posing as legitimate customers, ... Read More

World Civil Politics and Blogging

BY Kaliya Hamlin | Tuesday, March 8 2005

I just found Citizen Lab this cool site focusing on the intersection of digital media and world civil politics. It has a range of relevant articles headlines this week include: Blogs rise above the Nepal information ... Read More


BY Chris Nolan | Tuesday, March 8 2005

Please God, would someone – anyone – make the people with salaried journalism jobs stop trying to draw a line between what they do for publications that appear on paper and what people like me, working almost ... Read More

Setting the Record Straight

BY Micah L. Sifry | Monday, March 7 2005

I just had an interesting chat with Garance Franke-Ruta of the American Prospect about her new article "Blogged Down," which details how conservatives have been working the political blogosphere in recent months. Most ... Read More

Numbers Revealed: 75 Million Voters Embrace The Web

BY Michael Bassik | Monday, March 7 2005

75 million Americans used the Internet to get news, discuss candidates in emails, and participate directly in the political process last election cycle. That’s a whopping 37% of all voting-aged adults and more than 60% ... Read More

White House Credentials First Blogger

BY Christian Crumlish | Monday, March 7 2005

Quoting from White House Credentials First Blogger Michelle Malkin: Garrett Graff - contributing editor for Washington media blog FishBowlDC - will make history as "the first known blogger to be admitted to the White ... Read More

Auctioned Ad Space Not Just for Empty Heads and Exposed Cleavage Anymore

BY Kate Kaye | Sunday, March 6 2005

And you thought the only ads for sale on eBay were for placement on foreheads and naughty bits. Not for long: on March 14 political advertisers and vendors will be able to bid on PoliticsOnline newsletter ads. Through ... Read More

PdF Conference Videos are Up

BY Mike Krempasky | Wednesday, February 16 2005

We've been patiently uploading videos of last week's PdF conference to our channel on Read More