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Kintera Touts Tech Grants to Nonprofits

BY Kate Kaye | Monday, March 28 2005

Could Kintera's grant program appease the anti-business method patent crowd? Probably not. However, the software provider's expanded Innovation Grants program is an indication that the company is making an effort to help ... Read More

BlogPulse analysis of top political blogs, 2004

BY Christian Crumlish | Sunday, March 27 2005

Abstract from The Political Blogosphere and the 2004 Election: Divided They Blog (an Adobe Acrobat document): In this paper, we study the linking patterns and discussion topics of political bloggers. Our aim is to ... Read More

The semantics and substance behind 4 pesky words

BY Chris Rabb | Sunday, March 27 2005

Diversity. Democracy. Racism. Progressive. Four words no longer recommended for polite online and on-land conversation. Diversity This is what I've concluded navigating the various predominantly white environs and ... Read More

A Chink in Convio’s Armor?

BY Kate Kaye | Sunday, March 27 2005

An Information security firm, M2000/IS, investigated four Web-hosting providers serving nonprofits, and found that Convio’s systems allowed for potential personal data security breaches. A report by the company’s ... Read More

Blogs competing with trad media (film at 11)

BY Christian Crumlish | Friday, March 25 2005

The Project for Excellence in Journalism, a research institute affiliated with the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts, has released a State of the Media, 2005 ... Read More

Why I Am a Vegetarian

BY Micah L. Sifry | Friday, March 25 2005

Looks like Wendy's has a PR problem on its hands. The story hasn't made Google News yet, but it's burning up the blogosphere (over 1300 posts citing "Wendy" and "finger" on Technorati in the last day). Lesson for ... Read More

Self-publishing online just got easier

BY Christian Crumlish | Thursday, March 24 2005

JD Lasica, Marc Canter, and a large team of contributors have announced the alpha release of Our Media, a site that provides a self-publishing front-end for media content to be hosted at the seemingly bottomless ... Read More

Wagging the long tail

BY Christian Crumlish | Thursday, March 24 2005

Dave Pollard says the blogging popularity curve's long tail shows that it is "just" a logarithmic curve and not a "power law" curve after all. In Bloggers, Your Audience Awaits and its followup, The Long Tail: A-Listers ... Read More

FEC Rules Regarding Internet Regulation Released

BY Michael Bassik | Wednesday, March 23 2005

The Federal Election Commission today released its much-anticipated proposed rules regarding the regulation of political communication on the Internet, including one that appears to treat “online-only news outlets, and ... Read More

Diagnose Me, Dr. Frist!

BY Michael Bassik | Wednesday, March 23 2005

Speaking on the Senate floor "more as a physician than as a US senator," Senate Majority Bill Frist, MD, said he believed there was "insufficient information to conclude that Terri Schiavo is in a persistent vegetative ... Read More