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The People, United...

BY Chris Nolan | Sunday, April 10 2005

Fortune's David Kirkpatrick has taken a look at Scott Heiferman's and it's worth a read. Kirkpatrick does a great job of describing the process that many of us here at PDF talk about a great deal: moving ... Read More

Kerry and Others Use Search Ads to Influence Bolton Nomination Debate

BY Kate Kaye | Friday, April 8 2005

Wow -- has anybody noticed all the paid links that result from a Google search for John Bolton, Bush's nominee as Ambassador to the UN? It looks like both detractors and supporters are gearing up for a tough match when ... Read More

Buffton Today 'flips the newspaper model upside down'

BY Christian Crumlish | Sunday, April 3 2005

Quoting from A Citizen Journalism Breakthrough: It's the Buffton Today site and newspaper, in South Carolina - user generated material from the get-go, including free classifieds. It comes from an established media ... Read More

Yukos Shareholder Behind Ads Feeding Trial News to Policy Makers

BY Kate Kaye | Thursday, March 31 2005

For the past two weeks, world news hounds visiting the International News section of The New York Times website have wondered exactly who’s behind a set of innovative ads featuring real-time updates on the trial of ... Read More

San Francisco May Regulate Blogging

BY Michael Bassik | Thursday, March 31 2005

Just when you thought the Federal Election Commission had it out for the blogosphere, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors took it up a notch and announced yesterday that it will soon vote on a city ordinance that ... Read More

Consensus of a Million

BY Jan Frel | Wednesday, March 30 2005

A coalition of anti-war groups has adopted a sophisticated piece of social software called Synanim to build a multi-hundred thousand person " Read More

Incorporated blogs - how many are we talking about?

BY Mike Krempasky | Wednesday, March 30 2005

As blogs gain more influence, several things seem to be happening - and they relate to the increased attention they're given. Increased revenue to blogs - as audiences increase and savvy marketers are pounding the ... Read More

Get Your Internet Dividend (Freedom-to-Connect)

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, March 30 2005

Do you think the issue of telecom regulation has no effect on your life? David Isenberg, the ebullient and cherubic force behind this year's Freedom-to-Connect conference taking place today and tomorrow in Silver ... Read More

The Long Tail under a microscope

BY Christian Crumlish | Tuesday, March 29 2005

From The Long Tail: Microstructure in the Long Tail (a blog that calls itself "a public diary on the way to a book" that is itself based on a Wired article that popularized the "long tail" portion of the power law curve ... Read More

Web won't let Casey wish away Pennacchio

BY Jan Frel | Monday, March 28 2005

The script written by the Democratic Party bosses in Pennsylvania was that State Treasurer Bob Casey Jr. was to run unopposed for the nomination for the 2006 Senate race against incumbent Republican Senator Rick ... Read More