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Survey: Bloggers embrace online advertising

BY Michael Bassik | Wednesday, April 20 2005

BlogKits, a service devoted to helping bloggers find ways to generate revenue, reports that 71 percent of bloggers surveyed said that advertisements are acceptable on blogs. [Full disclosure: I often purchase ads on ... Read More

DeLay Damns the Internet; What Was He Thinking?

BY Michael Cornfield | Wednesday, April 20 2005

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay had this to say on Tony Snow's Fox News Radio show April 19: "We've got Justice Kennedy writing decisions based upon international law, not the Constitution of the United States? That's ... Read More

Could Adobe/Macromedia Deal Spur Multimedia Mobilization?

BY Kate Kaye | Wednesday, April 20 2005

Darlings of digital creatives, Macromedia and Adobe, have forsaken their boxing gloves for weddin' bells as Adobe has acquired Macromedia. What are the implications for enhanced multimedia communications? Looks like the ... Read More

Papal Bull?

BY Micah L. Sifry | Tuesday, April 19 2005

Did Cardinal Ratzinger have a blog strategy for becoming Pope? A glance at this Blogpulse chart is suggestive...[Thanks to Doc for the tip.] Read More

Blogad pricing, redux

BY Christian Crumlish | Monday, April 18 2005

Tom Tomorrow says the market for blogads (for his site at least), is withering on the vine (By the way...): it just me, or are the blogads drying up all over? I've slashed prices considerably and still, ... Read More

House Dems find Kos... will they find their voice?

BY Jan Frel | Friday, April 15 2005

Which House member wrote this entry in a DailyKos diary? "Gather 'round the virtual bonfire, and I'll share a true tale of incestuous dealings, strange scratchings and foul odors emanating from behind stone walls, and ... Read More

Online Freedom of Speech Act introduced in House

BY Mike Krempasky | Wednesday, April 13 2005

Today in the House of Represenatives, Congressman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) introduced a companion piece of legislation to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid's bill (S.678) to exclude the Internet from the definition of ... Read More

Sure, it'd be nice to know, *but...*

BY Mike Krempasky | Wednesday, April 13 2005

Ok, Chris - back to me it is. It's not surprising that the Professor has tried to downplay the "alarmists" like me, and for a couple reasons. One, Mr. Hasen is quite comfortable with increased campaign finance ... Read More

Will the FEC Follow San Francisco?

BY Chris Nolan | Monday, April 11 2005

In one of the better pieces of analysis I've seen – and okay, it is because I agree with him -- Rick Hasen, PDF occasional contributor, makes a few predictions about how the Federal Elections Commission will follow ... Read More

Kerry Launches Web Ads Against Bolton, Threatens National Effort

BY Kate Kaye | Monday, April 11 2005

John Kerry has launched a Web ad campaign targeting Rhode Islanders as part of his effort to quash the nomination of John Bolton as UN Ambassador. Through Web ads targeted geographically to Rhode Island residents only, ... Read More