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Speakers Battle Over Broadcast vs. Web for Political Campaigns

BY Kate Kaye | Thursday, May 12 2005

Dave Pollak, Founder of Democratic Leadership for the 21st Century, and a speaker at this coming Monday's PDF Conference argues that TV's still on top, but other speakers beg to differ. In anticipation of the second ... Read More

Correction regarding Town Hall meetups

BY Christian Crumlish | Wednesday, May 11 2005

Having made a transcription error, I mistakenly reported in Meetup Says Put Up or Shutdown that "The Heritage Foundation charges its Town Hall Meetup members $10 when they show up to events...." when I should instead ... Read More

'Members' for life... and into the next one

BY Jan Frel | Friday, May 6 2005

Just about every friend of mine who grew up in Virginia is a lifetime member of the NRA, even though many of them despise the organization. Why? Because the NRA had a great gimmick years back whereby kids who sent in ... Read More

The Revolution Might Be Regulated

BY Michael Bassik | Wednesday, May 4 2005

George Washington University's Institute for Politics, Democracy & The Internet, in collaboration with the Center for Democracy & Technology, have announced that they will host a panel discussion on the Federal ... Read More

Sloppy metadata on an anti-Hillary site

BY Christian Crumlish | Wednesday, May 4 2005

In Salon's War Room blog, Farhad Manjoo digs beneath the surface of Arthur Finkelstein's anti-Hillary Clinton website ( and discovers some strange meta tags: "Stop Her Now is a collaboration of over 7,600 ... Read More

Darr Says Online Activists Will Make Partisanship Worse

BY Kate Kaye | Tuesday, May 3 2005

A speaker at this year's PDF Conference, Carol Darr, Director, Institute for Politics, Democracy and the Internet, opines, "the Internet will exacerbate the partisanship that already exists in national politics today," ... Read More

Technopolitics in the U.K.

BY Jan Frel | Tuesday, May 3 2005

The British Labour Party has flown over for assistance many of the political consultants who played a large role in the 2004 elections, including technophiles Zack Exley and Joe Trippi, and Labour's focus is on using the ... Read More

Editor's Note: On Andrew Rasiej's Run for NYC Public Advocate

BY Micah L. Sifry | Sunday, May 1 2005

Some of you have perhaps already heard that Andrew Rasiej, the founder of Personal Democracy Forum, has decided to run for Public Advocate of New York City. A big part of his motivation is to try to put into practice a ... Read More

Allons Enfants De La Patrie!

BY Halley Suitt | Friday, April 29 2005

It was interesting being in the French Senat for the Les Blogs conference this past Monday. The French seem to know politics and technology go together. At the speaker's dinner the evening before, I have to admit I got a ... Read More

CA Congressional Candidate Raising Funds to Attend PDF Conference

BY Kate Kaye | Friday, April 29 2005

Scott Chacon, a 2006 Congressional candidate from CA, has actually launched a fundraising effort to help him get to the PDF Conference! He's also taking advantage of lots of great community-building technologies on his ... Read More