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I've Got the New York State Voter Registration Blues

BY Micah L. Sifry | Sunday, December 2 2007

If you go to the New York State Board of Elections website, it says that the next primary is September 18, 2007. That is, more than two months ago. Read More

YouTube: Richardson addresses the Iowa Heartland Presidential Forum

BY | Saturday, December 1 2007

Gov. Bill Richardson says we need a President who will bridge differences and embrace community values. Read More

YouTube Responds To CNN Blowback, Asks For Feedback

BY David All | Saturday, December 1 2007

YouTube News and Politics Editor, Steve Grove, wraps-up the Republican YouTube/CNN Debate with a YouTube video. Of note, Grove comments about the CNN blowback and asks for feedback from the community for any future ... Read More

Welcome to America's Revival

BY | Saturday, December 1 2007

From: Alan Keyes for President Date: 26 Nov 2007 13:56:21 -0600 Subject: Welcome to America's Revival To: *Dear Politickr Emails,* Welcome to *America's Revival.* We thank God that you have ... Read More

Let's get organized!

BY | Saturday, December 1 2007

From: Alan Keyes for President Date: 26 Nov 2007 13:56:21 -0600 Subject: Let's get organized! To: *Let's get organized!* Dear friend of Alan Keyes, We need your help in advancing America's ... Read More

no title provided in feed

BY | Saturday, December 1 2007

From: Sheryl Cohen Date: Nov 30, 2007 12:37 PM Subject: To: Tim, I made a few small changes to your email draft -- you'll see them below. Would have sent to the entire list myself, but I could ... Read More

An Assortment of Responses from the YouTube CNN Debate

BY David All | Friday, November 30 2007

After the YouTube-CNN Debate, I spent some time in the "Spin Room" talking with folks about their thoughts on the Republican debate. (I did the same thing at the Democratic YouTube debate earlier this year.) Below, find ... Read More

Greens, citing revealed memo, urge Bush to cancel CIA plans to interfere in Venezuelan referendum and destabilize the Chavez government

BY | Friday, November 30 2007

WASHINGTON, DC -- Green Party leaders called on President Bush to cancel an order directing the CIA to interfere with a December 2 voters' referendum in Venezuela and to cease actions intended to destabilize the Chavez ... Read More

I Swear Dodd's Team is Just Taunting Me With This

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, November 30 2007

Chris Dodd’s campaign just sent out another email that helps them reclaim their throne as the champions of the plain-text-I’m-just-following-up-on-what-so-and-so-said email wars. “I made a few small ... Read More

Best Web Campaign Update: Paul wins, but I add reasons for why Huckabee still beats out Obama, Edwards, Clinton

BY Zephyr Teachout | Friday, November 30 2007

Number of User Created Videos Featured on Web Site 11/23-11/30 Hillary Clinton: 0 John Edwards: 0 Mike Huckabee: 11 Barack Obama: 0 Read More

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First POST: Overreaching

Why the FCC balked at the Comcast-TimeWarner deal; Sheryl Sandberg wants Hillary Clinton to lean into the White House; the UK's Democracy Club brings a lot more information to election season; and much, much more. GO

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First POST: Ownership

"Tell us more about your bog"; the shrinking role of public participation on campaign websites; "Aaron's Law" has been reintroduced in Congress; is the Comcast-TimeWarner merger on its last legs?; and much, much more. GO

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First POST: Bush League

Presidential candidates hiding behind Super PACs; what this means for American democracy; demos at the White House; a demand for Facebook to be more open about news in the newsfeed; and much, much more. GO

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First POST: Glass Half Full

A new Pew study on open government data in the US; the FOIA exemption ruffling transparency advocates' feathers; social media bot farms; and much, much more. GO

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First POST: Zucked Up

Mark Zuckerberg responds to criticism of "zero rating" Facebook access in India; turning TVs into computers; how Facebook is changing the way UK users see the upcoming General Election; BuzzFeed's split priorities; a new website for "right-of-center women"; and much, much more. GO