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Daily Digest: Yes We Can Has Cheezburgers

BY Joshua Levy | Monday, February 11 2008

Zephyr Teachout's check to Obama is sent back to her, but she doesn't mind; a "Yes We Can"-style video for John McCain?; And the kittenz take over the Yes We Can theme, adding Cheezburgers to the mix; some of our charts ... Read More

Call for Help: Create Petitions to Count the Vote in Washington State, Count the Popular Vote in the DNC

BY Zephyr Teachout | Monday, February 11 2008

Hey web geniuses, creative Lakoffians, organizers, the people need some petitions: (1) Count Every Vote in Washington (2) Superdelegates, Defer As you can see, I need some wording help here. Read More

The RNC's Valentine Cards

BY Michael Turk | Monday, February 11 2008

The RNC is pushing a Valentine centered campaign this week with a set of eCards you can mail to your friends. Check them out at They feature such witty content as Hillary saying, "If I could ... Read More

"Our President, Ourselves" email campaign for Hillary

BY Micah L. Sifry | Monday, February 11 2008

You know when something is spreading online when your friends ask you about it spontaneously. That's how I heard about feminist Robin Morgan's online rallying cry for Hillary Clinton, "Goodbye To All That (#2)," which ... Read More

Hillary Clinton's Online Fundraising Ads

BY Colin Delany | Sunday, February 10 2008

The Clinton campaign has started advertising for donations on Washington Post online properties. Read More

Mo' Money, Mo' Money, Mo' Money

BY Micah L. Sifry | Sunday, February 10 2008

The latest news on the Democratic fundraising front is astounding. Read More

FRANK RICH: Hillary's Town Hall Reviewed by the Butcher of Broadway

BY Dan Manatt | Sunday, February 10 2008

Rich's column focuses less on the technology aspect debated by Zephyr and myself earlier in the week, and Friday by Ari Melber, but worth reading: ... Read More

Kansas And Louisiana Wins Yesterday!

BY | Sunday, February 10 2008

Yesterday's big Kansas, Louisiana wins reaffi Read More

Failing the Mobile Caucus Test in WA State

BY Editors | Saturday, February 9 2008

I didn't caucus in Washington State today. Of course, it's my own damn fault for not knowing where my caucus meets. Read More

YouTube: Chuck and Mike Bloopers

BY | Saturday, February 9 2008

Blooper reel from the Conversations with Chuck video series. Author: explorehuckabee Keywords: Chuck Norris Mike Huckabee Bloopers Added: February 9, 2008 Read More

News Briefs

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Beyond @Congressedits, Capitol Hill Looks for Entry to Wikipedia

As he recently told techPresident, the creator of Congressedits did not aim to make Members of Congress look bad, but said he hoped that they would recognize the importance of Wikipedia as a public space and engage more with its community. "If staffers and politicians identified as Wikipedians, that would be super. You could imagine politicians' home pages with a list of their recent edits, that they would be proud of the things that they are doing." On Capitol Hill, there is in fact interest in making that vision a reality, starting off with an initial conversation that could create a framework for more Wikipedians in Congress. GO

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In the Philippines, Citizens Go Undercover With Bantay to Monitor Public Offices

The Philippines, a country of almost 100 million, is considered among the most corrupt country in Southeast Asia, despite a boost in Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index in the past few years (from 134th in 2010 to 94th in 2013 out of 175.) Corruption involves all levels of government, but benefits also from a mindset of tolerance, says Happy Feraren, the co-founder of, an anti-corruption educational initiative that teaches citizens how to monitor the quality of government services, sometimes by going undercover. GO