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CrackBerry Addicts vs Twittering Sunlighters on the Floor of Congress

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, June 11 2008

Here's a tale of two radically different uses of technology on Capitol Hill: the first to keep all but the most-connected people out, and the second to let the rest of us in. In the first case, we have Members of ... Read More

Is this the first viral video of the 2008 Presidential elections?

BY Liza Sabater | Wednesday, June 11 2008

I believe "I Am Voting Republican" marks the official beginning of the 2008 Presidential Elections. Read More

New Internet-Powered Contender to Enter the Race?

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, June 11 2008

OMG, it looks like my partner and techPresident/PdF co-founder Andrew Rasiej has broken his promise to me to never run for office again! He keeps saying, what if a candidate got into the race and promised to only run ... Read More

Daily Digest: Republican Dough Raisers Resist Going Grassroots

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, June 11 2008

As the Democratic online fundraising hub ActBlue passes the $50 mark, some on the right resist going grassroots to raise cash; what does it mean to run as a computer "illiterate" candidate in a networked world?; just ... Read More

44% of American's Can't Be Wrong. Or Can They?

BY Dave Witzel | Wednesday, June 11 2008

The Congressional Management Foundation reports that citizen engagement with Congress is up dramatically while Rick Shenkman argues that American voters are dumber than door posts. Coincidence? Read More

The McCain Girls Return

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, June 11 2008

They're back! I have to admit, ever since they were unmasked as phonies a few months back, I've been pining away for the McCain Girls. Those off-by-a-half-note harmonies, off-kilter dance moves, and fantastically bad ... Read More

You Spell Obama, Gates Spells Osama

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, June 11 2008

Award-winning admaker Bill Hillsman tipped us off yesterday to one of those odd programming bugs that seem to afflict some software programs. When you type "Obama" into a Hotmail message and use spell-check, the program ... Read More

Join the (public, collaborative) Debate About Obama's VP Choice

BY Dave Witzel | Tuesday, June 10 2008

Debategraph brings collaboration to Obama's VP selection process -- add your analysis. David Price, co-founder of Debategraph, will be taking question live and online tomorrow -- ask him about the process. Read More

Clinton Needed More Search: Q&A with Google's Greenberger

BY Kate Kaye | Tuesday, June 10 2008

Google political ad man Peter Greenberger thinks Hillary Clinton's campaign was hampered by its failure to use search advertising consistently throughout the primary season. While he acknowledges the New York Senator's ... Read More

PdF2008 Schedule for June 24, Day Two

BY Micah L. Sifry | Tuesday, June 10 2008

Here's the schedule for Day Two of Personal Democracy Forum, which is focused on how technology and the internet are changing governance and civic engagement. To register or find out more, go here. Read More