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PdF Network Podcasts

BY Joshua Sherman | Monday, May 18 2009

We just wanted to remind you that if you've missed any PdF Network conference calls, such as last week's "Return on Investment from Adopting Social Media" with Allison Fine, you can download/stream them all as Podcasts ... Read More

Daily Digest | White House Goes Open Source with the Left's CMS?

BY Joshua Sherman | Wednesday, February 18 2009

Can DC Draw Techies from Silicon Valley? Matt Asay in CNET asks, "Where will all the Techies go?" Silicon Valley is just now feeling the effects of the economic downturn. With fewer jobs for all those programmers, where ... Read More

Why the White House's Embrace of Drupal Matters

BY Joshua Sherman | Wednesday, February 18 2009

Drupal developers are abuzz with the realization that the White House's new site was built using the free and open-source content management platform Drupal., the perhaps highest-profile use ... Read More

Daily Digest | Looking To Upgrade: A GOP Tech Revival?

BY Joshua Sherman | Tuesday, February 17 2009

GOP Tech Revival Earns Some "Amens" The GOP Tech Summit has passed and the daylong conference seeems to have been well received. Nancy has reactions from online conservatives as well as analysis of what was ... Read More

What's in the New Recovery.Gov (And What's Missing)

BY Joshua Sherman | Tuesday, February 17 2009 just launched. And that, of course, calls for an insta-reaction to what's on the as-released federal stimulus oversight site and what's not there, yet. What's There: Read More

Daily Digest | When Elections Hand You Lemons: Juicing the GOP

BY Joshua Sherman | Friday, February 13 2009

Step One of the RNC's 12 Step Tech Program The RNC Tech Summit is happening today and its end goal, says Michigan GOP head Saul Anuzis, is to take what Democrats have done online and "put it on steroids." Read more. Read More

Daily Digest: GOP - The "Get Open Party?"

BY Joshua Sherman | Thursday, February 12 2009

Why the GOP Should Grab the Transparency Mantle with Both Hands (and Perhaps a Foot) The Next Right's Jon Henke makes a strong case for why the GOP has a political incentive to show some "actual, unilateral leadership" ... Read More