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PdF2008 Schedule for June 24, Day Two

BY Joshua Sherman | Monday, June 9 2008

Here's the schedule for Day Two of Personal Democracy Forum, which is focused on how technology and the internet are changing governance and civic engagement. To register or find out more, go here.

As with Day One, we've planned a packed day that will start with a networking breakfast, and a fun door prize that you can only qualify for by being the main hall when the morning plenaries begin. Bring a laptop or other wifi-enabled device, as we'll have copious bandwith to enable you to blog, twitter, back-chat and otherwise connect with each other (though no downloading of big movie files will be tolerated). We'll provide breakfast, lunch, snacks, and most of all, a lot of nourishment for your mind.

(Day One Schedule)

Day Two: Governance and Civic Engagement


Breakout B

A Return to Common Sense: 7 Bold Ways to Revitalize Democracy

with Brennan Center Executive Director, Michael Waldman

Rose Theater
The New Renaissance

Douglas Rushkoff (author, Open Source Democracy; Cyberia)


The Rise of a Civic Generation

Morley Winograd (co-author, Millennial Makeover)

Breakout B
Networking Coffee Break,
Sponsored by VShift

Internet For Everyone Campaign Press Conference
, Free Press

Networking Coffee Break,
Sponsored by VShift

Rose Theater




Networking Lunch

Rose Theater
The Allen Room
Breakout A
Breakout B
Breakout C
Breakout D (Mezzanine)

National Tech Policy: Which Way Forward?

Andrew Rasiej (moderator), Vint Cerf, Alec Ross, Josh Silver, Claudio Prado

Mastering the New World of Online Political Video

Steve Grove (moderator), Josh Marshall, Robert Greenwald, Matthew Sheffield

Design Principles for Online Democracy: Connecting Government and Constituents in the Internet Age

Alan Rosenblatt (moderator),
Sarah Schacht, Tom Steinberg, Steven Clift,
Sheila Campbell

All Politics is Local (And the Blogs are Proving It)

Alex Hunsucker (moderator),
Wendy Norris, Isabel Santa, Ed Cone, Liza Sabater

This breakout starts at 2:25*
Campaign-Blogger Relations: Best Practices
Josh Levy (moderator), Patrick Hynes, Peter Daou

Networking Break,
Sponsored by VShift

Ideas that Spread Win: Going Viral Online

Heather Holdridge (moderator), Jason Calacanis,
Jonah Peretti, Ami Dar, Sean Parker

Idea Market...

The Cross-Partisan Movement for Political Transparency and Watchdogging Government from Below

Ellen Miller (moderator),
Mark Tapscott,
Matt Stoller,
W. David Stephenson

New Ways of Making (and Spending) Money Online

Ari Melber (moderator), Kate Kaye ,
A.J. Schuler, Henry Copeland, Ben Geyerhahn

Think-tanking 2.0: How to Move Ideas and Policy in a Networked Age

Allison Fine (moderator),
Robert Bluey, Peter Leyden

Rose Theater