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PdF2008 Schedule for June 23, Day One

BY Micah L. Sifry | Monday, June 9 2008

Here's the schedule for Day One of Personal Democracy Forum 2008, which is focused on how technology and the internet are changing campaigns, elections and political media. To register or find out more, go here.

It's a packed day, and you'll want to plan to get there early for a networking breakfast, and to qualify for a special gift that will only be offered to people in the plenary hall when the morning's program starts at 8:30am. Bring a laptop or other wifi-enabled device, as we'll have copious bandwith to enable you to blog, twitter, back-chat and otherwise connect with each other (though no downloading of big movie files will be tolerated). We'll provide breakfast, lunch, snacks, and a big cocktail party at the end of Day One.

Day Two Schedule

Day One: Campaigns, Elections, Media


Registration & Networking Breakfast

Rose Theater



Breakout B


Networking Coffee Break,
Sponsored by VShift
New Tools for Political Transparency Press Briefing, Sunlight Foundation
Networking Coffee Break,
Sponsored by VShift

Rose Theater






Networking Lunch

Rose Theater
The Allen Room
Breakout A
Breakout B
Breakout C
Breakout D (Mezzanine)

Covering the "Click-ocracy": Tracking the Internet's Impact on Politics and Journalism

Jeff Jarvis (moderator), Jose Antonio Vargas, Ben Smith, Ana Marie Cox, Sarah Lai Stirland

Building and Using the World LIVE Web

Esther Dyson (moderator), Robert Scoble, Bhaskar Roy, Max Haot, Keith McSpurren

Making "ONFFline" magic: Converting online "friends" to on the ground activists

Mike Turk (moderator),
Matt Ewing, Austin Walne, Joe Green,
Cyrus Krohn

Data Geeks Unite! Building the new tools for getting out the vote, getting out the corruption, and going hyper-local

Lynne Johnson (moderator),
Vijay Ravindran, Greg Elin, John Geraci, Noah Richmond

ElectionMall presents: On-Demand Politics: 2.0
Ravi Singh, Adi Sideman, Dan Burton

Yahoo! Presents Building Communities Online.

Diane Rinaldo (moderator),Brian Keeler, Elizabeth Apelles, Greg Smith

Networking Coffee Break,
Sponsored by VShift

Reinventing Political Media: The Rise of Semi-pro Journalism

Brian Lehrer (moderator), Jay Rosen,
Mary Katherine Ham, Mayhill Fowler, Amy Holmes

Building a Better Debate, With and Without TV

Tom Bevan (moderator), Sam Feist,
Lee Brenner, Dan Gillmor, David Colarusso

The Internet Fundraising Frontier: How to Generate a "Money Bomb"

Julie Barko Germany (moderator),
David All,
Matt DeBergalis,
Justine Lam

Mobile Politics: How to Unblock the Future

Katrin Verclas (moderator),
Catherine Geanuracos, Jed Alpert, Becky Bond, Scott Goodstein

Profiles in Anti-Competition

Adam Green (moderator), Marvin Ammori, Amol Sarva, Mary Hodder, Christopher Libertelli

Platform-A Presents:
Beyond Blogs: Online Political Advertising in 2008

Eric Frenchman, Michael Bassik, Will Castleberry

Rose Theater

The Allen Room


Cocktail sponsored by MySpace